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Do I Need a Wedding Dance Choreographer in Chicago: The Complete Guide

What wedding party can do without dancing? All over the world, including Chicago, the dance of the newlyweds has become mandatory at the wedding celebration. To make the first dance of the couple in love bring pleasure not only to the performers but also to all present, you should prepare in advance an original wedding number and sign up for dance lessons for weddings near me. The best choreographers in our studio are ready to help in creating choreography wedding dance, which will be remembered by spouses and guests for a lifetime!

It is always nice to watch the bride and groom dance, but it is doubly pleasant when it is a beautiful, well-prepared dance from the newlyweds. Training in wedding dance schools will give a special sophistication and beauty to each movement expressing true love and the intention to bind their lives together forever!


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Is First Dance Mandatory on the Wedding Dance Floor?

The dance of the newlyweds is a centuries-old tradition that has survived to our times. Modern newlyweds still prepare for themselves and guests a dance number, learn it before the celebration by attending wedding dance lessons, to then in all its glory appear in front of each other and front of the guests. 

And although now we see a very different holiday, which was before, and which was organized by our forefathers, one thing is constant! There was, is, and will be: a wedding, the first dance, mesmerizing music - it is always a huge amount of positive, lively, and genuine emotions!

What's the Point of a Wedding Dance to a Romantic Dance Song?

The first dance of young people is an extravaganza of feelings, romanticism, passion, and tenderness at the same time, dynamics, and smoothness of lines. Now we can hardly imagine a celebration without this colorful moment! 

After all, it is an important and memorable event that the bride and groom will remember all their lives! This is the moment of birth of a new family. That is why many couples very reverently, touchingly, and responsibly approach the question of choosing style, music, a dance choreographer for wedding, outfits, and all other paraphernalia.

Wedding Dance Lessons Chicago

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    Why Wedding Dance Lessons are a Necessity?

    A dance at a wedding is also a very serious responsibility! After all, it is these minutes that you will remember after many years. Just think about it, at what point in the wedding video do newlyweds usually press pause and rewind? Of course at the moment of the first dance. That is why it is so important to attend a dance class for weddings. 

    No matter how many years pass after the wedding, the movements of choreographed dances for weddings, as a rule, are not forgotten. Every movement of two bodies merging in a shared dance of love is forever etched in the memory! That is why it is so important to prepare for the event in advance and sign up for wedding dance lessons. This is the key to success and good memories.

    How Long Before the Wedding Should You Learn Dance?

    So, when should you start preparing and signing up for dance lessons for wedding? It depends on your skills and the complexity of the chosen dance, as well as wedding dance lessons Chicago prices. The more complex you want to make a performance and the less experience you and your partner have, the earlier you should think about dance groups for weddings.

    In addition, the dance can be more than one, it all depends on the desire of the newlyweds. The bride may also want to do a solo dance or a group dance with her girlfriends. For this, we also offer bridal dance lessons. To think about and decide on the choice, as well as to sign up for wedding dance lessons Chicago adults, we recommend contacting us at least 3 months before the wedding. We will help you choose a production and create a schedule that is comfortable for you so that you can enjoy wedding dance classes near me!

    How Many Lessons Do You Need for a Wedding Dance?

    Our first dance lessons wedding is not just about techniques and memorizing moves. It is a time when lovers can't be with each other without distractions of phone calls, driving, reading the news on the Internet, and other activities. There is so little time these days that we can give to our loved ones. Spending time with each other on wedding first dance choreography helps new feelings and emotions to unfold.

    That's why so many wives and husbands, who thanks to our wedding choreographers, return to the wedding dance class and continue practicing. Many will think - for what? After all, the wedding is over, but the best wedding dance lessons Chicago gave the spouses such emotions and spark in the relationship that you want more and more. 

    Number of Lessons Depending on Dance Experience

    However, here is the approximate amount of wedding dance lessons Chicago you will need depending on experience:

    • Beginners without experience: 6-10 lessons in a wedding dance studio to learn the basic steps of the chosen dance style (e.g. waltz, foxtrot, rumba);
    • Couple with basic dance skills: 4-8 lessons with a wedding dance instructor to update and improve the basic steps, as well as add more complex figures and tricks;
    • Experienced dancers: 3-6 lessons with a wedding dance coach to create a customized dance routine, incorporate song specifics, and adapt movements.

    Can you Learn Wedding Dance Online?

    Online wedding dance instruction is like a recipe in a book - great for a professional, but unlikely to help the average couple. The main point of dance classes for wedding couples is that a professional choreographer will help to put on an individual dance for you. Our dance teacher for wedding does this based on skills, wishes, capabilities, and abilities. At the same time during private dance lessons for wedding, the main goal will be your perfect performance. Everything will be as the newlyweds wish!

    There are many videos available on the internet, but it is difficult to find a dance lesson that meets the requirements 100%. And even less chance that you will be able to learn it yourself. Our wedding dance choreography near me is about discipline, fun, bonding, and practice. All this allows you to achieve the perfect result and perform the first wedding dance just perfectly!

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      What Dance to Learn for a Wedding?

      To choose the right wedding dance should be based on the image of the couple. Couples are where the bride and groom are very similar to each other, and it happens that they are complete opposites. It happens that the couple prefers the classics, and it happens that the newlyweds are delighted with hip-hop. Treat the wedding dance with a first dance song as a business card of your couple. Let it be a complete reflection of your relationship. And first of all, choose the music under which you would like to go out together and present yourself to all your guests. 

      Our dance lessons Chicago wedding will help you with this. The choreographer will see your peculiarities in group lessons and help you to emphasize them, to add self-expression of the bride and groom in this wonderful moment. It is now even possible to combine several dance styles into one performance. All to your taste!


      A wedding is a big event that will give you a bunch of unforgettable and pleasant emotions if you do everything right. Are you afraid of looking silly, forgetting the moves, or just not moving well? This is absolutely normal and we will be happy to help you. 

      Our wedding choreography lessons will help you learn all the necessary movements, "design" the perfect performance, and make it a reality! Surprise yourself and your loved ones, now it's affordable and easy. Contact us for a consultation and private lessons, and together we will make your celebration in Chicago even more wonderful.