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Lyana Khatatba

Dancer, choreographer, costume designer, and dance instructor Lyana Khatatba is a rare talent who has had a significant impact on the dance world. Lyana's tale, with a journey that started at a young age, is a monument to her commitment, skill, and unrelenting enthusiasm for dance.

Lyana was born and reared in Baku, Azerbaijan, and she started dancing when she was very little. She began a dramatic 12-year journey at the prestigious “Baku Ballet Academy,” led by her inherent skill and passion for dancing.

The Path to Success and Many Victories

In particular, Lyana's talent for dancing allowed her to join prestigious dance organizations all around the world, including the renowned “Todes.” She underlined her great talent and perseverance by winning the title of two-time champion in the Latin and Standard dance sections in Azerbaijan during her incredible trip.

Lyana's performances have astounded audiences everywhere they have taken place, from the splendor of Baku's “Theatre of The Opera and Ballet” to the legendary France Embassy of Azerbaijan. She even got the honor of entertaining Azerbaijan's distinguished President, Geidar Aliev.

Lyana started her own dance company, “Khatun,” when she was just 15 years old, showcasing her imaginative nature. This group quickly became well-known for its enthralling performances that seamlessly fused cultural diversity and modern vigor. Their presence established itself as a mainstay at important celebrations all around Azerbaijan, leaving an imprint on the regional dance culture.

Lyana's journey naturally brought her to the alluring world of belly dance, a dancing style that reflected the Egyptian ancestry of her family. She traveled the world in pursuit of craft improvement, studying under eminent role models including Marta Korzun, Diana Gnatchenko, Didem, and Dina.

The creation of Hips Don't Lie

Lyana's career entered a new phase once she moved to Canada, where she skillfully incorporated her abilities into the regional dance scene. She started her own dance company in 2010, and today it performs over 350 spellbinding shows a year throughout Canada and the USA. Her dedication to quality and creative vision has resulted in a dance group that continually provides spectators with unique experiences.

Participation in festivals, collaboration with other dance groups, and extensive performance experience helped Liana to achieve success. It is thanks to her knowledge and effort that Hips Don’t Lie is successfully thriving, growing, and delighting dance party lovers in the USA.