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Restaurant with dancers and dinner shows

The rise of social networks where a place is booked through the eyes, and the high competition in the cities has motivated the gastronomic sector offer to want to differentiate and go beyond the plate as restaurants open every day in an increasing endless list.

A DJ from midnight onwards, small shows between tables that are captured with the cell phone and shared instantly, cocktails to stay, a beauty bar scene... The dinner show formula, which was already working before the pandemic imported from big cities such as New York, Milan and London, is sweeping the market. If you are a restaurant owner or manager, then this article is really of your interest!


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Restaurants With Dinner And Dancing

If you are not already in this trend, you might think on why should you get on it and put a dance floor on your restaurant. A simple way to put it its because it clearly works, judging by the waiting list for reservations, the double shifts that many of restaurants with dance floors and great music establish and the great amount of offer, which proliferates like mushrooms.

The banqueters in addition to eating can be delighted to catch a glimpse of the best dancers and even enjoy a party like in a discotheque. Also, as restaurants with dancers become a great choice for people who want good restaurants to celebrate a birthday, or simply restaurants for celebrations of all kinds.

Also, you don't have to include dance entertainment all week, as it is mostly suited for Friday and Saturday nights, and even for a Thursday night. It will make a noticeable difference!

Why a night of gastronomy and dance will be an evening that clients will repeat?

Unique cultural experience

If your restaurant offers dishes from a certain country or culture (Asian, Middle Eastern, and so on), adding live entertainment with a dance show can make your site the ideal place for people to immerse themselves in the tradition, folklore, music, and have a great time as they eat the typical food.

This will give them a more appreciative perspective! Imagine having grilled octopus with potatoes and wine or another drink while watching a flamenco show. You'd feel as though you are in Spain right away!

A break from digital screens

Now more than ever, it is common to see even on outings with friends more than one person paying too much attention to their phone instead of enjoying the moment. A restaurant with salsa dancers (or any kind of dance) can take people's gazes from the screen and right into the moment! They will certainly stop gazing at the screen and make them enjoy all night long afterward.

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Bonding for sharing experiences

Engaging in shared experiences can serve as a potent method for strengthening familial and friendly bonds, and a Saturday night dinner show, accompanied by the vibrant sounds of house music, provides an ideal backdrop for such an endeavor. As families and friends collectively revel in the performances, emitting laughter, applause, and moments of astonishment, they generate recollections that serve as enduring conversation topics.

Furthermore, the ensuing discussions about the show and the exchange of favorite moments have the potential to spark lively dialogues and deepen connections within the family unit. This is an added value that your place can offer by adding restaurant dancers.

Effortless evening

After a day filled with stress, a dinner show promises a captivating night out. Either with a disco ball, belly dancers, disco dancers or any dance style, the diners with like the experience. The dinner show experience takes care of it all. Moreover, numerous restaurants present meticulously crafted menus featuring a diverse array of options, simplifying the process of selecting a meal, especially for families. All that's left for them to do is recline comfortably, relish the delectable cuisine, and savor the enthralling performances.

Other simple reasons

  • In addition to enjoying a good dinner, they will live a multi-sensory experience
  • Because they can surprise their special person with a date night by visiting your restaurant with amazing food and live music
  • Because after working all week, they deserve to disconnect with a fun night

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    Hiring dancers for dinner parties

    Recruiting and auditions

    Audition approach

    You are now feeling convinced of hiring dancers for your restaurant, and might be wondering "how do I start?". The first step is to hold auditions, and you can either host open auditions or make a collaboration with local dance companies or schools. Each option has their own advantages:

    • Open auditions allows you to see and cast a very wide net and discover many talents from different sources. It also encourages local dancers to participate and showcase their expertise and skills, even if they are solo and not affiliated to schools or companies.
    • Collab with dance companies and schools: the big advantage of this option is that this partnering offers a much more reliable and structured source of talents. These organizations have trained, experienced and very skilled dancers, so you won't need to worry about the quality of performances you will get with them.

    The choice between these approaches should align with your restaurant's specific needs, budget, and the style of the dinner shows you envision.


    Enchant your guests and energize your event with our diverse selection of national dance performers.

    Audition criteria

    You need to define the technical skills and dance styles you are looking for. Think on whether you need belly dancing, ballet, jazz, contemporary of any other dance styles. This criteria is a pillar for ensuring that the selected dancers are proficient in the needed style.

    Then, you need to emphasize on the importance of stage presence. Dancers are not just about skills, but also the way in which they engage with the audience, enhance the dining experience and their overall charisma and expressiveness. They need the ability to connect with the audience.

    And last, ensure that the dancers align with the ambiance and theme of your restaurant. For instance, if your restaurant has a romantic, elegant atmosphere, dancers should embody those qualities in their performances. Their costumes and choreography should harmonize with the overall concept, whether its house parties or elegant soirées.

    Audition promotion

    After the audition approach and criteria has been set, now you need to advertise the audition opportunities to attract the right talent.

    You can use local networks to reach out to local instructors, dance communities, studios and company. Attending local dance events can create a good network with potential candidates. Word-of-mouth referrals within the dance community can be valuable.

    Of course, you should also rely on the power of social media platforms to spread the words. Make posts, stories and texts with relevant hashtags to reach the right audience. Instagram and TikTok are great for showcasing the restaurant atmosphere, so the potential candidates can see and expect.

    And you can also use platforms that are from the industry, like websites (i.e and forums where dancers often look out for job opportunities. These tools can be very useful as well for casting calls and auditions.


      Selection and contracts

      Evaluating Audition Results

      After the auditions are over, the next step is to see and evaluate the results, so you can select the dancer who suits best all the restaurant's need.

      • Scoring the technical skills, alignment with the restaurant's visions, stage presence and other factors to be taken in consideration for ensuring a fair selection process.
      • Feedback Sessions: After auditions, consider offering feedback to all participants, even those who weren't selected. This can promote a positive relationship with the local dance community and encourage dancers to improve for future opportunities.

      Negotiating the contracts

      • Terms and conditions
      • Compensation
      • Performance schedules
      • Expectations and responsibilities
      • Cancellations and contingency plans

      Book dance entertainment

      We understand that the audition and hiring process can be long and tedious, so there is another faster and just as excellent option, which is to directly hire a dance company to manage and perform the dance shows and all the logistics involved, as they are already experts and can guarant a more expedite yet professional solution.

      Dance companies have seasoned and well-trained dancers with experience in a myriad of dance styles, as well as having choreographers who can create tailored routines and captivating shows for the restaurant's themes. They are also versed in stage set up, costume preparation and all the logistical aspects, and this reduces the time and effort a restaurant would need to handle all that.

      Hiring a dance company might seem like an extra expense, but in the long run it can actually save many costs as this option reduces time, efforts and monetary needs to carry on auditions, propaganda and many other things.

      You can instantly book with Hips Don't Lie for the best qualified dancers all over Chicago! We can bring excitement for your restaurant with our incredible shows!

      Dinner And Dancing in Chicago Il

      Party restaurants Chicago

      If you want to get a taste of what's on offer in different areas of Chicago, read on. A favorite spot in River north is the Hubbard Inn in Hubbard st, which offers to either rent a private dining room for a dinner party with many, or a private event space. This is a great option for those who want something more exclusive, and is among the best restaurants to celebrate anniversary. The party can have dancers in the private spaces, cheering up the ambience!

      If you are looking for a more casual experience that has a bar scene, live country music, a pool table, a dance floor and good food as well, there's Rocky's American Grill in Milwaukee ave! Chicago has plenty of restaurants with different styles and fitting for any kind of party or event, depending on the choices. Chicago ave, Clark st, Lake st, you name it. All parts of Chicago have something to offer!