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Gypsies are a people of free-loving and rebellious nature. The main thing in their lives is the road, the constant movement towards destiny. But it is impossible to ignore the fact that they are also creative and gifted people. Their songs tell about the hard fate of eternal wanderers, about crazy love and freedom, which is more valuable than anything. And you don't even have to know the Romani language to understand what they are singing about. The same can be said about Gypsy dances in Chicago. This dance style conveys various emotions: passion, love, pain, hatred.

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    What Style is Gypsy in Chicago?

    Today traditional Gypsy dances are experiencing, so to speak, their second birth. Interest in them has increased greatly in recent years. This is because television has begun to show movies about the fate of the Roma, their everyday life, and nomadic life.

    Therefore, those who were not previously closely acquainted with Romani customs, traditions, life style, and culture have become interested in it. Besides, there is so much passion, energy, and emotion in Gypsy dance songs and dances that they cannot leave anyone indifferent.

    What is a Gypsy Dancing Called?

    Gypsy dance style has many varieties and names, depending on the region and style of performance. Some of the most famous representatives of gypsy dances are gypsy flamenco dancers. This gypsy Spanish dance came to this culture from Spain and is characterized by graceful and joyful movements and bright music. There are also Balkan Gypsy dances. This male dance includes a kaleidoscope of diverse styles such as belly dance Gypsy and Celtic Balkan indian arabic style. A characteristic feature is that it also incorporates fancy leg movement.

    Where Did the Gypsy Music Dance Come From?

    Gypsies have lived since ancient times in Europe and Asia, having migrated from India in the 5th century, but today we will talk about our Russian Gypsies and other Gypsy groups. They came to Russia in the 18th century from Poland and began practicing fortune-telling, music, and horse-trading, roaming all over the country.

    Often hearty Russian peasants invited them to winter in their huts - it was more fun together. Thus the Roma adopted the customs, own dances, and songs of the Russian people and performed them in their way, adding liveliness, passion, and Gypsy character. That is why there is a subspecies of this art - Russian Gypsy dance.

    The relationship between Tabor and urban Roma allowed the development and preservation of the originality of Romani songs and Russian Gypsy dance, the best compositions from the city went to the people, and Tabor movements and details were brought to the stage. In addition, Romani artists absorbed everything new they could see.


    What are the Different Types of Romani Dances?

    Today, the folk dance Gypsy is a true art form. They are divided into tabor, stage, street, and salon styles. The first of them is a kind of talent show in front of tribesmen. Here every Gypsy dancer shows himself and his skills.

    Scenic is aimed at a variety of performances, it is more spectacular, because the audience, even the very last rows should be able to enjoy the performance. In doing so, Romanian Gypsy dancers perform their show and tell a story to the guests through Gypsy music and dances. A reduced version of stage dance - salon, performed in a more intimate space, and the ancestor of both of these styles is a street style of dance. Romani dancers often apply all subspecies of this dance and know their details.

    Is Romani the same as Gypsy Culture Dance?

    Romani and Gypsy culture are two different entities. Romani is an ethnic group, while Gypsy culture encompasses many aspects, including music, dance, art, language, and lifestyle. Dances such as Spanish flamenco or belly dance may be part of Gypsy culture, but they do not represent it completely.

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    Hire Gypsy Music & Dance Show

    Today, Chicago is home to quite a few members of this culture. That is why authentic Roma Gypsy dancing is so popular now. And everyone can create such a party. For this, you can hire Gypsy performers. So if you love Romani Gypsy dancing and want to enjoy it live at your event, read on for ideas of such a celebration.

    Ideas about Gypsy Dances for Corporate and Private Events

    In Gypsy dances, the performers' graceful arm movements are influenced by generations of tradition and storytelling, creating a mesmerizing display of cultural expression. Women Gypsy groups in Chicago can help you create a themed party for any occasion. Since Gypsy national dance is very sparkling and interesting, it will be appropriate for many celebrations:

    • Gypsy dance performance is great for creating the best birthday ever. Female Gypsy belly dancers will surprise you and your guests and give unforgettable emotions. So if you're having an anniversary, think ahead of time to create such a unique celebration.
    • Traditional & modern Gypsy weddings are something your friends and family will never forget. This wedding is a colorful and lavish event, with lots of delicious food, authentic music, and energetic folk dancing. You can organize either a more traditional event or a modern style.