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The world of Spain dances is very diverse. You can truly experience this world and understand the importance of dance in the country's culture by traveling to Spain. But such an opportunity is often not available. In this case, traditional dances from Spain in Chicago come to the rescue. Here you will find cultural representatives from different countries, including famous dancers from Spain.

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    What is the Famous Spanish Dance: Types of Dances in Spain

    If you ask any person to say the name of the most famous Spanish dance, almost with a hundred percent probability he will say "Spain dance flamenco". And that is indeed true. This is the world's most popular dance with accompanying music. The Spanish dance originated in the lands of Andalusia when gypsies arrived there in the fifteenth century. It was they who formed a special dance caste.

    The fandango is also a traditional folk dance with guitar music and is quite popular in Spain. This Spanish dance, the name of which comes from a Portuguese folk song, originated in the region of Huelva. The development of the fandango was greatly influenced by authentic flamenco dancers in Spain. It is based on the spins and figures typical of the courtship dance. However, it must be said that outside Spain fandango is little known. It will be truly appreciated by those who were born there.

    Some movements in different Spanish dance styles are similar, for example, often the basis is belly dance Spain. It is performed by women in colorful outfits. Such a female Spanish dance performance is mesmerizing and does not allow you to take your eyes away for a second.

    What are those Spanish Dancers Called?

    There are many theories as to why flamenco got such a name. Some consider it a synonym for the word "gitano", which translates from Spanish slang as "gypsy". Others identify the origin of the term with Flemish soldiers who guarded the Spanish-Belgian territories. They wore special clothing emphasizing ostentatious pride and self-confidence. The same qualities were inherent in the character of the Roma.

    As for the authentic Spanish dances names, the flamenco dance is called baile and the Spanish dancer is called bailaor (male) or bailaora (female).

    Is Salsa a Spanish Dance?

    Spain salsa dance is characterized by its incendiary and passion, complex steps, and paired movements. However, it originates from Latin America.

    It cannot be said that this dance has nothing to do with Spanish music and dances. This culture had a great influence on the formation of salsa. Nowadays, this dance is very popular in Chicago and all over the world.


    What do Spanish Dancers Use?

    Spanish dance shows are not just traditional Spanish dances, a kind of pastime, it is a part of the cultural heritage of the Spanish people. Spanish music dance is a combination of colorful Spanish temperament and real, inherent only to the Spaniards, passion.

    In addition to great experience and Spanish dance songs, dancers also use vivid imagery. And then Spain culture dance with castanets turns out to be an unforgettable performance that conveys the emotions and history of the artists.

    Spain Dancers Costumes

    The elements of female Spanish costume include a fitted jacket with wide lapels (without a corset), a long wide skirt with many ruffles, a mantilla with a crest, a fan, and a shawl. The most important element of the image of the dancer - the traditional Spain dance dress, called bata de cola - a typical flamenco dress, usually to the floor, often made of multicolored material in polka dots, decorated with ruffles and flounces. The prototype of this dress was the traditional dress of gypsies. In addition, an integral part of the traditional Spanish dance is a graceful play with the hem of the dress. These graceful movements convey the beauty and authenticity of dancing from Spain.

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    Traditional & Modern Ideas About Spanish Dance

    Any celebration can be transformed with famous dances from Spain. For this, you can hire Spanish dancers. They are sure to surprise your guests and help them learn a new or your native culture. Through dancing, the performers lead the narrative about their culture, values, customs, and traditions. This is why Spanish-themed parties are so popular in Chicago. It's a great way to dive back into your childhood, remember your traditions and the past of your people, and just have fun with rousing music with traditional dance from Spain.

    Spanish Wedding

    Are you or your significant other from Spain? Or do you love this culture and want to embody it in your celebration? Then a wedding with famous dances of Spain is the perfect solution. You can organize a professional performance by flamenco dancers so that guests can enjoy vibrant Spanish dancing. Adding Spanish music such as flamenco and paso doble to the repertoire of a DJ or live band will also help to create the atmosphere of passion and fun that characterizes Spanish weddings.

    Spanish Theme Party

    It is not necessary to organize corporate and private events only when there is an occasion. Why not organize a Spanish-themed party just for fun? Delight and surprise your loved ones. Or have a vacation with your colleagues in Spanish style. You will remember it for a long time.

    Birthday or Anniversary

    For a special birthday or anniversary in Spanish style with folk dance Spain, you can organize a celebratory event in a Spanish restaurant or outdoors. Here you will also be assisted by flamenco music and professional dancers who will show picturesque and traditional dances. Guests will enjoy gorgeous castanets, flamenco swirls, and other amazing elements of Spanish dance.

    Additionally, flamenco master classes can be arranged for guests to enjoy popular dances in Spain on their own. It's not just a dance, but an amazing lifelong memory that you can give to your loved ones.

    How to Hire Spanish Performers?

    If you want to create a themed party, Spain national dance will help to make it a reality. It is an integral part of both Spanish culture and any event. Professional dancers will give you a lot of emotions through traditional folk dances, amaze you with their luxurious costumes, and surprise you with their movements.

    Cost to Hire Flamenco Dancers

    The cost of creating a theme party can vary. It depends on the scale of the event, the availability of unique Spanish decorations, the number of dancers, and many other factors.

    To organize the Spanish party of your dreams contact our company. We will be happy to answer all your questions and create for you a great event with Spanish dancers. Spanish folk dance will delight both adults and young people. We can create an event for you in a traditional form or a modern style with famous Spanish dances.