Dance Classes

Learn to Control Your Body in Dance Classes in Chicago, IL

Do you want to discover a dance world filled with new emotions, movements, and friends? Hips Don't Lie studio invites you to dancing classes, where you can feel the freedom of body and mind, dissolve in the music and learn any dance style. We provide professional dance instructors, spacious rooms, and a great mood at the end of the class.

7 reasons to join dance classes for adults

Keeping fit and healthy

Regular dance lessons help to form the correct posture at any age. When learning ballroom styles at dance studios, spine alignment is very important because all the beauty and competence of the performance depend on it. Also, dancing keeps the main muscles of the body toned, lifting problem areas.

Lose extra weight with pleasure

Adult dance lessons several times a week will bring you closer to the desired shapes and numbers on the weights. Moving actively to the beat of the music and feeling pleasantly tired at the end of the workout, you will gradually give your body a sporty look. Dancing, a healthy diet, and a good night's sleep are a successful combination for fighting extra pounds.

Gain self-confidence

Keep looking for a dance class near me until you find the right offer. Our dance studio helps people get a feel for the dance style, become part of the process and remove their complexes. You will gain great skills and feel complete freedom and confidence when you start classes. Come to your first class to discover a new world of loving yourself!

Have a good and so much fun time

Considering dance as a hobby, you can distract yourself from all your problems and work. Private lessons with a teacher or in a group will give you a positive charge of energy for the next day. The main thing is that classes for dance bring you joy and make you smile.

Develop diligence and patience

With the help of dance, you can complement or correct your character traits. It teaches determination, concentration, and observation. It also trains motor memory, which helps to reproduce dance movements learned in the last class.

Get closer to the art of dance and the stage

Do you admire the ease and skill of professional dancers, and do their dances make you want to get up and move with them? We can develop this feeling by teaching a beginner the rhythmic and beautiful art of dance. Drop in our studio soon!

Return romance and passion

Dance lessons for couples are a way to learn new things together, to awaken feelings while rumba or tangoing. Also, our teachers will stage your first dance for the wedding. By attending the lessons, you will diversify your leisure time together and remember past romance. Dance parties are a great chance to find love if you don't have a date.

Can Can Showgirls

What kinds of dancing lessons do we offer?

Hips Don't Lie studio invites you to many classes in Chicago, IL. We provide individual, couples, and group training in over 10 styles of dance. If you've already decided to start looking for dance lessons near me, the next step is to choose a style:

  • Wedding dances
  • Burlesque
  • Ballroom
  • Latin American
  • Bollywood
  • Jazz dance
  • Belly Dancing
  • Modern
  • Hip Hop

They differ in speed of movement, manner of performance, necessary form for training, choreography, props, technique, and other features. Tell us why you are attracted to dancing and what goals you want to achieve, and we will help you choose the right option.

How do I sign up for dancing classes for adults at your studio?

  1. Go to Book dance lessons.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Enter the date of the class.
  4. Enter your contact information (e-mail, phone number).
  5. Wait for a call from the manager to confirm your appointment, style, dance instructor, and other details.

Come to our studio in Chicago dance with us! Hips Don't Lie is waiting for you!

Hips Don't Lie – first on your "dancing classes near me" list

Professional dance instructors. Our instructors have many years of experience, and the company has been fully operational since 2011.

Flexible schedule. Choose the time and dates that suit you, and we will find a group or a personal trainer. You can cancel or reschedule the adult dance class by informing us.

Dance program. Our studio offers many dance styles, such as ballroom, oriental, modern, and others. We will find you an instructor and group classes and discover your favorite style.

Sign up for dancing lessons for adults at Hips Don't Lie to get positive emotions, improve your health and live in the rhythm of dance every day!


I’m very rigid, can I learn how to dance?

Of course. We offer adult dance lessons to develop plasticity, grace, and self-confidence. Choose your favorite dance styles, and we will tell you which will make you feel light and flexible.

I’d love to dance, but I don’t like people looking at me.

Dancing helps you escape your comfort zone and cope with shyness and isolation. Try to overcome this feeling and have fun without paying attention to the people around you. Learn to dance in one-on-one classes at Hips Don't Lie to look confident at workshops and parties.

How does the class work?

Our dance classes in Chicago run on an individual or group schedule. Each participant can contact the manager to adjust their schedule, cancel or reschedule. The class consists of a basic warm-up, learning the elements of a particular style and interpreting them to the beat of the music.

Do I need to choose a specific style?

Our studio and teachers adjust to your desires and goals. If you want to learn more than one style, we'll find a personalized program for you or enroll you in different groups based on your schedule. After searching for "dance classes near me for adults," you will find our studio that welcomes everyone who wants to dance in Chicago.

Dancing is my passion