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Organize a Successful Party With Hips Don’t Lie: Dance With Us

Dance is a graceful art form that transforms any celebration into a real event. We are one of the dance companies in Chicago. We know that rhythmic movement to music is not only a great performance for the audience but also an expression of the dancer's state of mind. Hips Don't Lie Studio provides show programs for weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries, and graduation parties. Our dancers are ready to become an ornament to the festive program throughout the evening or to be a fiery culmination of the event.

Top 5 reasons to hire a dance group at dance company Chicago

Large selection of dance programs

Energetic cancan, brutal hip-hop, fiery salsa ... In the dance company from Chicago, you can easily find talented dance teams in the style of Ballet, Jazz, Burlesque, Contemporary, Disco, and Hip Hop. Bright and energetic choreography will delight your guests and put a great mood for the whole evening. Hips Don't Lie custom shows are unique and entertaining programs for any event, from graduation parties to golden weddings.

Professional dance groups 

Flamenco, disco, cha-cha-cha, go-go, salsa, show ballet; for the audience, these are dances, but for the dancing company Hips Don't Lie, they are dance groups. The appearance on the dance floor of energetic and graceful girls in stylized costumes or brutal hip-hoppers will revive the event. It will give a lot of positive emotions and cheer up the audience. Order a group of dancers for the event – give everyone a bright impression and positivity.

Dancers for special events

Would you like to order dance entertainment? The performance dance company provides solo and group performances at corporate events, brand presentations, and weddings. Contact us now to book.

Over 12 dance styles

Everyone will find a style to their liking among the various dance genres. Whether it's a performance in the classic style of the Rockettes or a charismatic dance of breakdancers. The dancers of our dance center will win the hearts of your guests, who will applaud to the musical accompaniment.

Dancers for themed parties

Do you want to organize a Halloween party or an Oriental culture festival? Hiring dancers who specialize in staging costume shows or oriental dances from professional dance companies is a great way to add cultural and thematic elements to your party.

Can Can Showgirls

Where can I find a professional dance company in Chicago?

A dance performance will highlight a holiday party and add a twist to any show program. To find a promising dance company to hire dancers, use the simple but effective ways to find a dance company near me:

  • Monitor online. Log on to a popular Chicago message board, indicate your current location, and select companies that provide services to hire dancers. Groups and communities on social networking sites and dance studio websites are good places to search.
  • Recommendations from friends. Make inquiries about the chosen dance company. Newcomers always welcome the personal experience of students.
  • Regional Associations. Seek the help of professional organizations that collect information on the most famous dance companies. They can provide reliable information about studios that provide services for hiring dance companies and professional choreographers.

Before booking dancers, we recommend getting to know the creative groups in Chicago, the direction of their work, and watching video presentations of performances. Find and read reviews about the dance companies, and ask the studio manager to show examples of their shows.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a modern dance company

Discuss your wishes and expectations with your manager when hiring a dance group. They should understand that you are not only looking for public entertainment but also for professional dancers, who will make the audience excited.

Customized solutions

We hold dance shows of any format, from modern corporate parties to dance team-building events. Suppose you want to celebrate a holiday event top-notch or captivate attendees with your own choreography. The Hips Don't Lie team not only provides ready-made dance groups but also performs preparation of performances for beginners.

Choreography and dancers

Fans of modern or classical styles can hire dancers with all the permits to perform numbers. Book Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba, or Jive solo dancers or a team of hip-hop dancers for your party. You can meet the artists in person and watch their incredible performances.

Checklist for booking gigs

We provide young dancers only if they have more than 5 years of experience working at events of various formats. We discuss in advance with customers:

  • the program and direction of performances following the theme of the
  • celebration for one night;
  • the costumes of the performers;
  • professionalism, experience, and creativity of performers;
  • a hall for the celebration and the availability of necessary equipment;
  • the budget of the program;
  • the date of the event;
  • timing of hiring dancers.

Dancers from famous dance companies regularly participate in dance parties, and professional choreographers, in addition to entertainment, conduct seminars, dance classes and prepare first-rate dancers for performances.

Our love of dance, dance education, years of experience, and a high level of choreographic skills unite us. Book the dance crews for your party in advance, and add more excitement and energy to your event.



What is a dance company?

Hips Don't Lie is a dance company with a dance group, a modern dance school, and an entertainment directorate. Under certified choreographers' guidance, professional dancers are gathered in dance teams. The level of our community artists is not inferior to the skills of performers of international dance companies such as Juilliard in New York City. We are proud of it!

What makes a good dance company?

Collaboration with Hips Don't Lie is access to talented and experienced performers ready to surprise the audience. Our best dancers and choreographers perform and create original artistic numbers for both entertainment and competition programs. We are an elite dance company and conduct serious training and preparation of dancers for performances on the theater stage, public arenas, and private corporate events.