Dance Instructors Near Me: How to Prepare a Dance for a Festive Event in Chicago

Are you preparing for a New Year's Eve corporate party, holiday banquet, or wedding? Do you want to amaze your guests with a beautiful dance? We suggest you join dance classes in Chicago and try on the role of a dancer to surprise everyone present with an energetic hip-hop dance or a sensual and gentle waltz.

Choosing a style, coordinating movements, and creating a coherent composition is the task of dance educators. Just a few lessons with a professional from Hips Don't Lie studio, and you'll easily spin in your first wedding dance or dance a fiery cha-cha-cha. Dance teachers for hire will prepare an energetic and vibrant performance for any event.

When to book a dance coach?

A dance show performed by the heroes of the occasion will be a real highlight of the program and will certainly raise the guests' spirits. You can learn to dance at any age, and an upcoming event is a great time to start. Make the first step and start searching for a dance instructor for adults near me will help you. The main task of students is to determine a dance style to move beautifully to the music.

In the dance world, there are 30 modern and 24 classical styles. Our studio has a team of professional private dance instructors. They develop and adapt individual programs for clients in any style, regardless of your dance skills.

Our dance instructor for parties recruits groups for break-dance, hip-hop dance, salsa, or tango routines so that they can rock the dance floor at corporate parties or social events. If you need to prepare a sensual classic dance for newlyweds, a dance instructor for weddings is at your service. At our dance studio, every client can choose private lessons or join group classes to prepare an energetic dance in the style of cancan, fiery sambo, or passion tango.

We are happy to share the excitement of preparing the numbers and some of our knowledge of this amazing craft. We teach our students to give 100% in their classes. Then they will give a worthy performance and feel like real dancers.

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Why hire dance instructor and choreographer

The date is set, the script is written, and the only thing left is to realize what you have in mind. If you decide to wow your guests and demonstrate an amazing dance number, you need to find dance teachers for hire. They will teach you not only to move beautifully, but also to express your feelings in the dance.

Private dance instructor plans a program of classes so that the student learns to move as effectively and nicely as possible. The main tasks of the right teachers during the first dance lessons:

  • improve dance skills of the basic elements of dance during a private dance lesson;
  • plan and conduct group and personal dance lessons;
  • develop students' taste and aesthetic perception;
  • realize the goals of the students through the classes;
    monitor the safety of the training.

Our professional dance studio is ready to provide a certified dance instructor. They will help to prepare a professional dance number for a party. You will delight your guests with the most creative and fun performance. You will be satisfied with your cooperation with us. During the first class, Hips Don't Lie choreographers will evaluate your skills, help you to choose an appropriate dance style, and work out an individual training program.

How to find a dance instructor for hire in Chicago

It is not difficult to choose the right coach among the many dance schools, choreographic circles, or private instructors. You can start your search online. We are sure you will find many interesting suggestions on the query "dance teacher needed." You can contact our studio in Chicago or browse reviews of choreography studios on social networks. This way, you can decide what's best for you.

Given the format of the event, we will help select a choreographer who will help make the performance in, e.g., the following styles:

  • cha-cha-cha;
  • oriental dance;
  • flamenco;
  • salsa;
  • ballroom dancing;
  • break-dance;
  • hip-hop.

If a dance teacher is wanted, we can offer:

  1. consultation with teachers on the choice of a number based on the event format (party, graduation, or wedding day) and individual wishes;
  2. help in choosing the music composition;
  3. individual lessons with professional dance trainers.

Do you want the instructor to meet all your expectations and help you prepare a show like the famous dance teachers with a high skill level? You should ask for a few details at the first meeting:

  • experience in staging dance numbers;
  • what styles of dance the instructor knows;
  • methods of preparation for the performance;
  • peculiarities of work with clients;
  • planning the time of rehearsals;
  • determining the number of classes;
  • viewing choreographer's video works;
  • reviews and recommendations of previous customers;
  • cost of training.

Give yourself and your friends a festive atmosphere with a Chicago dance instructor.


Hips Don't Lie choreographers – the best numbers for your performance

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable evening in the rhythm of dance?  You've come to the right place! With our help, you can show everyone the mastery of plasticity and a sense of style. Dance teachers near me will help you feel your body, teach you how to easily perform dance elements, and perform in front of an audience.


What is a dancing instructor called?

Choreographer or dance instructor – a professional dancer who knows several styles and performs the production of dance numbers for competitions, as well as for parties, graduations, and corporate parties.

What is the role of a dance instructor?

The main task of a dance instructor is to adapt the program of classes to the client and support their desire to dance. You can choose a dance instructor for hire near me and start attending classes not only to prepare for the acts but also to keep your body toned.

What makes a good dance instructor?

A private dance instructor can perform the staging of a dance number in 2-3 months. Thanks to private dance lessons with a professional choreographer at our dance academy, you develop artistic and creative abilities, as well as a beautiful posture and sense of style.

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