Choose Popular Dance Style for Your Show or Hobby With Us

What is the difference between rumba and hip-hop, and what do they have in common? These are just a few types of dances that belong to ballroom and modern, respectively. Our dancers have mastered most of the world's styles professionally. Let's look at them in more detail.

Dance style: definitions and categories

Dance styles explain specific options with a unique origin, a set of basic movements, a characteristic emotional presentation, and other distinctive characteristics.

Hundreds of types of dance can be roughly divided into several large categories:

  • Ballroom dance
  • Modern dance
  • African American and traditional jazz
  • Latin dance
  • Folk
  • Eastern
  • Street dance
  • Professional Performing Arts

They can flow seamlessly from one form to another, creating a harmonious and coherent style dance routine. Dance is also perceived as a necessary part of the larger arts, for example, when performing on stage with singers or theater performances. Then the styles can combine to create a new dance work.

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Classification of dance styles that have become part of the entertainment industry

For you to understand our dance language and to be guided when ordering dancers or training lessons, we offer to get acquainted with our main directions and their classification. Each style of dance expresses a special state and character, which is reflected in the movements and faces of its participants.

Dance styles examples depending on the number of performers

Solo dance style

Solo dance is a mesmerizing performance with one main character. Contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, belly dance, folk, and most modern styles are suitable for solo performances. The audience greedily watches every trick and choreographic move of the dancer. Real professionals and dance wizards, among the performers of Hips Don't Lie, can create such magic.

Dance styles with partner

Ballroom and social styles necessarily involve the staging of pairs. These include waltz, foxtrot, rumba, Argentine tango, salsa, bachata, and others. Also, dancing with a partner is possible in contemporaries, ballet, hip-hop dance, jazz dance, and some modern forms of dance styles. The movements of the partners must be as fine-tuned and aesthetic as possible, and emotions should be read in every glance.

Dance groups of 3–5 people

The synchronism of the dancers is impressive and is the basis of a festive mega-show. By booking a small group, you can enjoy group performances of Persian, Indian, and other types of belly dance, jazz dance, burlesque, samba, street dance, disco, modern dance, and folk styles. Give the audience a spectacular performance and emotions with Hips Don't Lie.

Dance styles list depending on the type of events

  • Dancing for personal and corporate parties

Rocking and romantic light forms of dancing will suit a performance at your party, such as a birthday party, anniversary, or wedding. Among them, popular are the waltz, contemporary dance, tango, rumba, burlesque, gypsy, Cha-Cha-Cha, folk dance, and swing dance. Belly dancing, samba, disco, lambada, and other moving and energizing types are ideal for corporate parties.

  • Types of dance styles for professional performance on stage 

One of the most technically challenging types is considered ballet. A group of performers will look spectacular on stage, embodying sophisticated art. Also, concert dance includes Contemporary, Jazz-modern, Jazz dance, Charleston, tap or step, and boogie-woogie. See more kinds in our themed sections covering dances for concerts, shows, and public events.

Dance styles names according to their period of origin

  • Old dance style

The oldest is classical ballet, which appeared in the 16th century. Viennese waltz originated in the mid-19th century. Ballroom dances such as the rumba, tango, quickstep, and jive became popular in the early 20th century. Boogie-woogie, swing dance, and tap dance were common in the 1920s and 1940s. Share the name of your favorite dance with our manager, and we will make your wishes come true!

The origin of styles is closely related to the emergence of musical trends. For example, jazz music discovered playful atmospheric rhythms all over America in the 20th century and continues to captivate audiences today. Share the name of your favorite dance with our manager, and we will fulfill your wishes!

  • Dance styles modern

They emerged on the wave of new musical styles and transformations of classical types of dance. Modern performers move freely to the beat of the music, expressing their feelings without rigid rules and techniques. These include breakdance, hip-hop dance, jazz funk, hills, Vogue, and twerk. Modern choreographers create unique dances with new movements and forms.


Hips Don't Lie services and dance styles

On our website, you can find a complete dance styles list with pictures. We provide dancers for your show, concert, or other events. We have one price for a big show of five styles. For example, for a traditional American wedding, you can combine ballroom dances from Latin American programs (cha-cha-cha, rumba), and for the final party to entice the audience to the dance floor with modern styles (jazz-funk, breakdance, hip-hop).

Among popular styles of dance, we have Bollywood dances, belly dancing, samba, disco, hip-hop, and folk dance. Company dancers create a real show with bright costumes and unusual props. You can specify your wishes in the application form and discuss all the details with the manager.

Our company also offers training in any dance style you choose, presented in the Dance classes category. Our experienced choreographers and teachers will make classes fun and productive and help you master the art of dance. You can watch videos of numbers from the team Hips Don't Lie in different dance styles on the company's YouTube channel.

We will find the perfect dance style for you or your event. Contact us for a great show that will make your evening special!

How do I choose a dance style?

If you consider dancing as a hobby, follow your desires and passions. For example, to become more emotional, energetic, and open, ballroom dancing in Latin American program (rumba, pasodoble, jive) or modern dance (hip hop and other street dance styles) will help you.

Dancing is closely related to musical preferences; for example, jazz music has its atmosphere and many fans from Latin America.

If you want to hire dancers for the event, choose dance with style, which matches the atmosphere and type of party. For example, for a man's anniversary, the perfect show will turn out with belly dancing. A family traditional holiday is best decorated with folk dances.

What is the main style of dance?

Classical dance styles are considered the foundation of dancing art. They originated much earlier than the others and introduced movements and positions that make up the choreographic base for young dancers. Based on the classical types appeared jazz-modern, contemporary dance, and lyrical variants of choreography.

What are the different styles of dance?

There are more than 100 styles and substyles, such as African-American, social, Latin American, street dance, ballet, belly dance, concert dance, lyrical, folk dances, modern dance, and others all over the world.

What are the 10 popular types of dance?

  • Ballroom dance
  • Contemporary dance
  • Ballet
  • Jazz dance
  • Hip Hop dance styles
  • Tap Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Folk Dance
  • Irish Dance
  • Swing Dancing