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How much can dance tell us? We at Hips Don't Lie dance studio are convinced that dance is a second body language originating from ancient times. This art is popular both professionally and recreationally.

Thanks to the movements, one can display emotions and a state of mind and even send a secret message to the audience! Any performance dancer is always an intrigue, exciting feelings, and burning passion.

You have long dreamed of learning to dance but never had the chance? It's never too late to learn! No matter how old you are, you should know that the best time is now. Hips Don't Lie dance studio invites everyone to the training sessions. Our professional instructors are guaranteed to teach you regardless of your level or skills. The only thing that matters is your desire and persistence to go all the way.

Why learn dancing at dance studios?

Learning this art is fun because any physical activity always lifts your spirits. In addition, rhythmic movements have a beneficial effect on the general state of the cardiovascular system, improving the physical shape of the body. Going to dance studios reduces stress on the joints, and also develops flexibility, and increases endurance! Doesn't that sound great? In any case, it is a fascinating and fun exercise for the muscles.

Also, such physical activity has a qualitative effect on self-esteem, increasing self-confidence. Your posture is aligned, and your concentration and memory improve in general. Finally, dancing is a great method of self-expression and a creative outlet of emotion. You can make up your own movements to folk music or modern rhythms and enjoy the finished numbers! Join the school of dancers right now and become part of our family.

Do you want to lose weight or strengthen your muscles? Do you want to realize yourself in society or find like-minded people? Classes at our studio are the best fitness. Who knows, maybe you'll find best friends or a soul mate at dance classes in Chicago?

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Classes our dance studio Chicago offers

Adult training is a great way to learn to dance, whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer looking to take your skills to the next level. Adult classes will help you easily keep in shape while moving through the dance and enjoying the music. In our studio, you can take lessons in these styles of dance:

  • hip hop
  • jazz
  • swing
  • tango
  • tap
  • latin
  • ballroom
  • ballet and others.

If you need to choreograph in eight weeks for a wedding ceremony with your partner, choose tango, waltz, rumba, and other sensual ballroom dances. Join classes and keep a light physical activity as a substitute for the gym or fitness. You can participate in evening events and find new friends by learning to own your body. In any case, dance classes in Chicago for adults will be the best solution.

There is no best age for attending dance lessons

We are convinced there is no “best age” to start dancing because it depends on the person's abilities. Naturally, kids learn physical skills faster than adults. The young brain forms neural connections easily, so it is better to start learning to dance as early as possible by choosing professional dance studios.

Adults should also take a closer look at this type of activity since it benefits both physical and mental health. Our studio can teach this art to people of any age.

What is the advantage of individual lessons?

Private tuition can be rewarding if you initially identify your needs and specific goals. You get a more intense and personalized learning experience than a group class. A personal instructor will pay attention only to you, which will help you progress faster.

Private lessons will help you prepare for a performance or event like a wedding. Such lessons cost more than group lessons and exclude social connections.

Dance classes in Chicago, IL, will be a great way for adults to express themselves and have fun during group classes. A dance class in a community of inspired people will help you open up and gain confidence when performing in public. So your choice of class format depends on the goals you want to achieve.



What is the meaning of a dance studio?

Sign up at a dance studio in Chicago if you want to learn to dance or improve your skills. It's like a club of like-minded people who are inspired by choreography. Become a part of them too!

What makes a dance studio unique?

A professional approach to teaching and the excellent reputation of our teachers. The variety of styles – from hip-hop to belly dance – speaks to the versatility of a dance studio in Chicago. Our dancers are professional performers who share their experience in creating great night shows.

Where are the greatest dance studios?

There is no definite answer because it all depends on the type of dance you want to learn and your personal preferences. According to various estimates, the best world-renowned studios are the Paris Opera Ballet in France and the Royal Ballet in London. But many good studios worldwide specialize in different techniques and styles, and a dance studio from Chicago, Hips Don't Lie, is among them.

What are the most popular dance studios?

Some of the most popular studios in Chicago are the Academy of Dance, the Official School of the Joffrey Ballet, and Ballet Chicago. If you're looking for dance classes in Chicago near me, consider Hips don't lie. Our dancers provide excellent choreography and a friendly atmosphere. We easily adapt to the needs of our students. You can choose between private and group classes depending on your preferences, budget, and requirements. Join our community and become and become a professional dancer with the best dance studio in Chicago!

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