Birthday Dancers

Why you should hire dancers for birthday parties

So, is your birthday coming, and you want to host a party... but not just any kind of party? You probably want it to be different from other parties you have had, but you are not sure about what you should do to add that original touch.

Let us tell you the many reasons why you should hire dancers for birthday party, how to plan it, what kind of dance styles and performances could suit your event, and even how to find dancers in your area! Read on to find out everything you need to know.


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How do you plan a dance birthday party?

1. Choose a theme

If you want to make a dance party, choosing a theme will make the rest of the planning a lot much easier, because the theme will be the template for the event. The best dance party themes can be of decades (like the wild 20s of The Great Gatsby, for example, or the 50s, and the 80s for disco fun), or a tribute to legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and so on.

You can even do a regional theme! Like a Broadway night, Latin fiery gathering, or dance movie themes (like Saturday Night Fever, Dirty Dancing, and whichever dance movie you like). Regardless of what you decide on or the space you book, make sure to decorate the site to match the theme and have a nice playlist to go with it.

2. The lighting

All dance birthday party places need great light designs. You can set the ambiance with dazzling colored lights, projections (if you want a nightclub scenario), or even Disco balls. There is no need to spend too much on this, as you can find affordable projectors and lights at department stores.

If you book a place, ask about the lighting options at once, so you know what you have and what you can work with. You might even get a place that already has everything you need to enhance the party.

3. Set a playlist

If you don't want to hire a professional DJ, you can set up a personal playlist with the best dance hits to keep the fun all night long. You can even ask your guests their favorite dance song so its suitable to all tastes, and to make sure that you will get everyone to showcase their dance moves!

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4. Plan for the cake and meals

Of course, after you have everything needed for your dance experience party (theme, decorations, costumes, music, and everything else) don't forget to plan for the cake time, the meals, appetizers and drinks.

5. Get professional dancers for your party

If you have never done this, it can sound like a daunting task. Finding the dancers, choosing the styles, the booking process, and all that, but it's not as hard as you would believe. Here we will tell you how to do it step by step.

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    How to hire a dancer for your special day


    The first step is to hold auditions, and you can either host open auditions or make a collaboration with local dance companies or schools. In the case of open auditions, it gives you the advantage of seeing and casting a wide net of talents from different sources. Local dancers get to participate, either on solo or with their schools/companies.

    If you decide to make a collab with dance companies and schools, the big advantage is that this partnering offers a much more reliable and structured source of talents. These organizations have trained, experienced, and very skilled dancers. You can be sure that the performances will be of the highest quality and made by the best professionals.


    You have to define the technical skills of the dance birthday party entertainers you are looking for, as well as the dance styles. Think on whether you need belly dancing, ballet, jazz, contemporary of any other styles. This criterion is a pillar for ensuring that the selected dancers are proficient in the needed style.

    Hiring a dance company

    If the audition and the hiring process are too long, tedious, and time-consuming, there is a fast choice that will make everything easier for you, which is to directly hire a dance company to manage and perform the dance show for birthday party, and all the logistics involved. They are already experts and can guarantee a more expedited yet professional solution.


    Enchant your guests and energize your event with our diverse selection of national dance performers.

    Dance styles for birthday parties

    Belly dancing

    Belly dancing is a top birthday dance performance. They can add sensuality, spice, and elegance with their costumes and performances. Everything about these female dancers is magical. You can get fire shows, candelabra dances, led performances and many more with belly dancers. This is a truly special entertainment for such a special occasion!


    If you want a spellbinding entertainment to impress all your guests, Ballet is the way to go. Their out-of-this-world movements that defy gravity while telling a story will amaze the audience. These women dancers can make dancing on tiptoes effortless, as though they were just flying, all while maintaining an elegant vibe. Once they set foot in the party, they will capture all the attention from start to finish.


    Indian culture has always held a special place for dancing in their country. They have created a myriad of different dance styles for different gatherings and life experiences, and of course, birthdays are one of them. Their colorful costumes, and choreographies that range from modern, to classic and upbeat will make your party a dazzling event that everyone will remember.


    Latin dance will effortlessly spice up the party. Salsa, bachata, and rumba, for example, have a combination of percussion and lively beats that create an energetic atmosphere, encouraging people to get up and move on the dance floor. Latin music is lively and fun by nature, so it encourages interaction and socialization. Trust the professional dancers to make a visually appealing Latin dance performance!


    The allure of burlesque dancers is perfect to elevate your birthday party. They have a captivating blend of sensuality, comedy, and dance that will create an unforgettable experience for all your guests. It also celebrates individuality, empowerment, and artistic expression, so it goes beyond entertainment. It's also a great choice if you want to make a wild 20s or 50s-themed party.


      Hiring dancers for a child's party

      Hiring dancers for a child's party can turn the kid's special day into a magical event. Imagine a charming and loving ballet performance that fills the ambiance with wonder and joy for your birthday girl. Or you can get imitator dancers to make performances while dressing up as Disney characters as well.

      Getting birthday party packages is a great idea too, as most go beyond cake time, and bring a child's party to life. These packages can have add-ons like face paint and a fun photo gallery to capture those precious moments.

      Make it a perfect birthday party with the enchanting world of dance – where every step is a celebration of laughter, love, and pure delight.

      Find local dancers

      If you have set your mind to make a party with dancers, you can start by searching in Google "professional dancers near me", "Party dancers in Chicago" or the state you are in. If you are indeed in Chicago, you can book with us right away! In Hips Don't Lie, we have the best dance performers for parties in Chicago!

      We can go to any place you need us to be. Whether is summit argo, river grove, la grange park, stone park, or river forest, you say it and we make it!