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Do you have a party coming up soon and want to make it perfect? Then you're in the right place! Our samba dance company offers to hire samba dancers for wedding, birthday, or any other party. Our choreographers and samba dance performers will be happy to transform your corporate event. Today we are going to look at all the features and benefits of professional samba dancers from Rio de Janeiro.

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    Why Are Many People Looking for Samba Dancers?

    Samba dancing is part of the Latin American program of sports ballroom dancing. A mixture of Brazilian cheerfulness, South American primitive passion, and the fiery temperament of Spain and Portugal - each of the ingredients here is unique and attractive. It is a dance with a complex destiny, although its recognized homeland is Rio de Janeiro.

    The characteristic rhythm created by the muffled pounding of drums and incendiary maracas makes the audience participate on the dance floor and involuntarily sway their hips. It's a complicated dance. It is impossible to reproduce all the elements without prior training at samba schools.

    What seems to us to be free rhythmic movements, requires long training and is subject to strict rules. Our beautiful samba dancers of Brazil practice each movement for months. That's why festival and carnival dancers for hire are so popular, it's a performance everyone wants to see.

    Amazing Samba Dance Groups

    You can find a huge list of samba dancers on our site. Their performances mesmerize all the guests at parties. The samba dance troupe makes a special impression. The group performance is characterized by great energy, bursts of emotions, and beauty.

    At the same time, even one Brazilian samba dancer can mesmerize guests at a party. Each Rio samba dancer from our team tells a story and radiates skill during the performance. Today, a show with samba dancers at carnival is a grand spectacle on a global scale. Right now you can book samba dancers and create it at your party.

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      Women Samba Dancers for Events

      The specific rhythm of the Samba dance show distinguishes this Brazilian dance from all other dances of the Latin American program. For better transmission of this rhythm, Brazilian national musical instruments are often used in samba music. This allows female samba dancers to create an incredible atmosphere on the dance floor. Thus famous samba dancers for hire near me will help you to transform any party and make it perfect for everyone present.


      Creating the perfect wedding is a daunting task. We confidently offer to hire samba performers to fulfill it. The main challenge in planning a wedding is to come up with entertainment for a large number of guests. The best samba dancers will help you with this.

      Each carnival samba dancer will attract guests, delight them, and make your intimate party beautiful. A wedding is a very important day for the newlyweds and relatives, which you want to remember in detail for years to come. Brazilian or Japanese samba dancers will give you the best memories of this occasion.

      Birthday party

      Local samba dancers can help you create the perfect birthday party. Whether it is a large-scale party in a fancy restaurant or a cozy event in an apartment, samba dancers near me are ready to please you. A mesmerizing samba dance performance will surprise your friends, relatives, and colleagues.

      You can book entertainment dancers for one performance or the whole evening. Our team is ready to find an individual approach to each customer and create a unique party experience with dancing.

      Private party

      Our samba dancers for parties have vast experience in performing. Any private party can be made special with our sexy samba dancers. Gorgeous girls in gorgeous costumes will surprise and delight your guests. It will be a unique and unforgettable evening. Give yourself and your loved ones unforgettable emotions that can radiate hot samba dancers on your dance floor.

      samba dancers chicago

      Samba dancers entertainment is a colorful blend of emotion, vigor, rhythm, and feeling. This spectacular and sexy dance with Brazilian music is winning the hearts of audiences around the world. There is no need to put your life on hold. Make the best party for you and your loved ones now!

      Contact our company and we will help you at all stages of party planning. Our professional choreographers will carefully prepare an individual dance program for you, and the best samba dancers will implement it on your dance floor!

      samba dancers chicago

      Cost to Hire Samba Dancers in Illinois

      The samba dancer price can vary depending on several key factors. That's why you won't be able to find an exact price on the vastness of the internet. But we will tell you how to calculate your budget and decide on the cost of hiring dancers. Here are the main components that affect the final price:

      • Number of dancers: Of course, the more dancers in the group, the higher the cost will be. Each dancer expects to be paid for their time and labor. This is why a large-scale performance of a group of samba dancers will cost more than a solo performance.
      • Duration of the performance: Samba performances can last for different lengths of time. Short performances can last up to half an hour, while long shows last for several hours. The duration affects the cost, as the samba entertainers are paid for their time.
      • Level of professionalism: If you are looking for outstanding professional dancers with years of experience and rank, the cost will be higher than lesser-known or novice performers. With us, you will find top samba dancers, while hiring dancers will not hit your budget.
      • Event Location: The cost also depends on the location of your event. We are located in Chicago, but can also perform throughout Illinois.
      • Complexity and additional elements to the performance: If you would like to add special effects, unique themed costumes, or other elements to the performance, we are willing to do so. Of course, this will be included in the additional costs.
      • Organization and logistical requirements: If transportation, accommodation, or other additional costs for the dancers are required, these will also be factored into the final cost. This may include transportation of equipment, dancers, and costumes to your party venue.
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      Private Dancers for Hire Near Me

      It's important to think through all the details of the event in advance. Decide whether you need a short performance or a long show throughout the party. To find out the exact cost of hiring samba dancers in Chicago contact us for a free consultation. Tell us all the details of the party:

      • location;
      • theme;
      • desired number of dancers;
      • duration of the event and other additional nuances.

      If you are still undecided, our team will help you plan your party and select the necessary number of dancers. After that, the final amount will be announced, which will not change during the preparation or the performance itself. We value our customers and our main goal is mutual trust and the success of your party.

      cost to hire a samba dancer chicago