Show Dancers

How To Hire Dancers For Show: A guide

When you organize an event, you want to make sure that your guests will have something to remember long after the effects of champagne are long gone. Sure, the laughter and all the good things that are innate to events will stay in their memories, but you want something else. Something different.

And that's when dance shows come along. A dance show is the best way to make your party, soirée, wedding, or corporate event different from everything else. That's why today, we will tell you everything you need about the different dance styles you can get for a dance show.

But first things first. Let's talk about the basic aspects:


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Professional dancers

The first thing to take into account is to hire experienced, professional dancers. You will most likely find them in dance troupes and or with professional companies, and you get a lot of advantages by doing so:

Getting the latest trends

This gives you the advantage of getting a good-quality show because you can keep a "brand" with on-trend dances and music. Dance, just like everything else, comes in and out of fashion. Companies and professional dancers know best when it comes to creating choreographies and using music that's popular at the moment, so the party-goers are more connected to the show and get a better chance of interaction. Nobody will get bored!

Dancing at any stage

Dance teams and groups offer adaptive flexibility like no other. Whether your event has a full stage, a dance floor, or a stand in an exhibition, they can move and perform with no problem. They will keep your guests entertained (and in awe) in any setting. They can also perform between dinner courses, at the beginning of the event, in the middle, or whenever you want it.

Different dance styles

With the multicultural setting of the world, your guests can be entertained by a wide range of dancing styles, like hip hop, belly dancing, ballrooms, American jazz, and beyond, all performed by local dancers! Even if they haven't been able to visit India, Bollywood dancers still have the needed expertise. The same goes for Brazilian carnival dancers, professional ballroom dancers, and so on. They are all highly accomplished and authentic.

Dance TV shows

Nowadays, turning on the television and seeing reality TV shows with dance-centered themes is among the most common things. Audiences and viewers seem to like show dances very much, regardless of whether they are awards, a dancing competition, an exposé of the behind-the-scenes (or aspiring dancers' lives), or a dance studio practice.

People likes dance! And you can use this to your advantage by doing dance shows based on known TV programs (or a popular dance competition show) that people love. Here are some examples you could use to get themes for a dance show:

  • Hit The Floor
  • Shake It Up!, Disney Channel
  • K-Pop – The Ultimate Audition
  • Soundtrack, Netflix
  • Dancing With The Stars
  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • Step Up: High Water
  • World Of Dance
  • The Next Step
  • Jiva!, Netflix
  • Tiny Pretty Things, Netflix
  • Dance Moms
  • Pose, FX
  • Dance Academy
  • Bunheads, ABC Family

Сhoreographed dance shows

Dance performances for shows

Fire shows

Fire dance shows are not just about iconic choreographies, they are performing arts and an amusing form of entertainment you can offer to your guests. This is because it blends artistry and bravery, and seeing a dancer manipulating flames with such precision and grace can take anyone's breath.

This is an ancient practice found across many different cultures worldwide, so there are many ways in which it can be carried out. In belly dance, there is the candelabra and the fire sword show, there is fire Burlesque and so on.

Burlesque show

The dancing dolls can set the mood for a laughing and fun ambiance. Burlesque is not explicitly sexual, as the origin of the word means "comedy". You can give your audience a good laugh with a funny show of Burlesque. There's teasing, singing, joking, and anything of the like with the doll gogo dancers!

Led dance show

What's great about these particular shows is that they infuse the gathering with an electrifying, futuristic ambiance because they combine technology, artistry, and dance all in one. Thus, it becomes an enticing visual feast for all the viewers.

Imagine an angel dance performance with wings adorned with LEDs! The LEDs that adorn the dancers' movements transform their choreographies and costumes into vibrant and dynamic patterns that go along in perfect synchronization with the music. There is color, there is movement, and an audience left in awe and wanting more. LED dance shows can turn any event into an unforgettable experience, infusing energy, and innovation, making them a fantastic choice to elevate the entertainment factor and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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    The Ballet School is perfect for giving a sophisticated and classic touch. It is a superb choice for many events, and it shines in formal gatherings like galas and weddings, as they benefit from its romantic charm and allure. Ballet is also a very great fit for cultural festivals, as it has methods and schools from different parts of the world (Russia, Italy, United States, and even Cuba!). The versatility and timeless beauty of this dance will leave a lasting impression on the guests.

    Contemporary dance

    This dance is creative and innovative, and it's perfect for events that want to add a touch of modern artistic expression. It excels with young-oriented events and gathering, as its fresh, modern, and dynamic styles resonates very well with young audiences and even young dancers!

    Whether it's a college event, a cultural festival, or a youth-focused gala, contemporary dance adds a vibrant and cutting-edge dimension to the occasion. Its fusion of movement and emotion captures the spirit of today's generation, making it an ideal choice to engage and inspire younger attendees.


    Bollywood fits fantastically in a wide range of events, especially at cultural events because of its beautiful and immersing taste of Indian culture and entertainment. It is also a wonderful fit for weddings because of how much energy, joy, and color these performances have. Additionally, it's perfect for fundraisers and charity events, as its exuberance can uplift spirits and encourage participation. The infectious rhythm and storytelling in Bollywood dance make it a great fit for diverse gatherings, creating unforgettable moments for attendees.


    Enchant your guests and energize your event with our diverse selection of national dance performers.


    Jazz dance is a dynamic and expressive art form that captivates with its many virtues. Its rhythmic syncopation and improvisational style make it a uniquely free and soulful dance genre. Jazz dance promotes individuality and self-expression, allowing dancers to tell stories with their movements. Its versatility accommodates various music genres, offering endless creative possibilities

    Latin dance

    What better way to infuse a gathering with energetic vibes than the fire of Latin music and dances? There are hardly other dance performances that can get the party kick-started as fast as Latin dances can. These sizzling shows have an infectious beat that encourages engagement and enthusiasm among participants. Latin dances bring a fiery and unforgettable flair to diverse occasions, making them a crowd-pleasing choice for any event.


      Hiring local dancers for a party

      The first thing you can do is to search on Google "dancers for show in Chicago", "Las Vegas show girls" or in the area you are in. You will get plenty of results and from there, you can choose the professional dancer and company that best suits your wants and your needs! But if you are already here, you live in Chicago, and want to book dance shows and female dancers, you can contact us! We are all over Chicago!