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When planning an unforgettable event, nothing gets the energy flowing quite like a group of talented dancers. Whether it's for private birthday parties, a lively bachelor party, or any celebratory occasion, hiring professional dancers can transform your event into an exhilarating dance party celebration.

If you are wondering how to ensure your guests are grooving on the dance floor, this guide has you covered. We'll delve into everything you need to know about hiring dancers for parties.


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Why Book Dance Entertainment for my party?

When it comes to throwing a remarkable party that leaves a lasting impression, the importance of entertainment can't be overstated. And what better way to leave such an impression than by hiring captivating dancers? Whether it is a casual or lavish celebration (like a wedding), or even a corporate event, getting professional dancers can take the event to a whole new level.

Tailoring Dance To Your Theme

There are many ideas when it comes to tailoring events with dancing characters. If you are hosting a retro-inspired soirée, an elegant masquerade ball, or a modern dance party, there's a dance act for hire that aligns perfectly with your theme.

Ballroom dancers, Latin dancers, Bollywood dancers, you name it. With their expertise, they will seamlessly integrate with your event's concept. Their choreography, costumes, and overall presentation will leave everyone bewitched!

The big advantage of themed dancers is that you can get different styles of dancing, depending on the event for which the dancers are hired. For weddings, often performances are in one style, and for a corporate party, another styles are used. You can also mix up five different styles in one single event! you can make your event unforgettable and suitable for all tastes!

How do you get people to dance at a party?

There always comes a point during the party when after socializing for a while, the guests want some "action", so making them dance is always the most fun option since everyone interacts and moves to the rhythm of the music... but how to encourage them to dance?

The answer lies in hiring dynamic, engaging, and professional dancers who know how to set the stage on fire. Also, your guests can feel more comfortable if they have a guide to look at! For example, women can look at female belly dancers and imitate the steps. Don't forget that dancers have the unique ability to not only dazzle the audience with their performances but also to actively engage partygoers through interactive sessions. These interactive moments can add an extra layer of excitement and participation to your party.

Also, allow guests to take photos with the dancers after their performances. This not only creates lasting memories but also provides a chance for attendees to interact with the performers on a personal level.

Entertainment Party Dancers

What are examples of dance events?

Dance events come in a myriad of forms, each with its own unique flair and charm. Whether you're seeking inspiration for your upcoming gathering or curious about the diversity of dance performances, we will delve into some captivating examples of different dance styles that infuse life into any occasion.

Old Hollywood Glam (Burlesque)

You can transport your guests back in time to the glamour of old Hollywood with a burlesque-inspired dance event. Dancers adorned in extravagant costumes and feathered headpieces evoke the enchanting allure of the dance hall days.

Broadway Extravaganza

If you are aiming for a show-stopping event, consider this style for a performance. Broadway dancers can bring theatricality, drama, and a touch of storytelling to the dance show, and they can go from classic show tunes to modern interpretations.

Fusion Dance Spectacle

Fusion dancers are perfect for those who crave innovation, and this kind of event theme blends elements from various dance traditions (like ballet and hip hop, to mention just a few) and creates a visually stunning and dynamic, yet unique and different show.

Cabaret Dance Acts

Cabaret-style dance events exude sensuality and sophistication. Featuring glamorous costumes and sultry movements, cabaret dance acts captivate the audience with their alluring charm.

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    How do I get hired as a dancer?

    For aspiring dancers, breaking into the industry requires a combination of talent, networking, and perseverance. Showcase your unique style, master different dance styles, and build a portfolio that highlights your versatility. Attend auditions, and workshops, and connect with local dance communities to increase your visibility and chances of getting hired for various dance performances and events.

    How are dancers paid?

    If you decide to hire dancers for parties, you should know that dancer compensation varies depending on factors like the type of event, the length, and complexity of the performance, as well as the dancer's experience and reputation. Some dancers get a fixed fee, while others might earn a portion of the event's ticket sales or even rely on tips from the appreciative guests.

    Negotiations with event organizers and dance companies play a crucial role in determining the payment, so take this into account if you are planning to hire dancers for a party.


    Enchant your guests and energize your event with our diverse selection of national dance performers.

    What qualities should a good dancer have?

    Beyond technical prowess, a good dancer possesses qualities that set them apart. Adaptability, charisma, and an innate connection with the audience are vital. Punctuality and professionalism are equally important, ensuring a seamless experience for both the event organizer and the audience. Successful dancers combine these qualities to create captivating performances that leave a lasting impression.

    Also, remember that even though gorgeous acrobatic cheerleaders do share some of the qualities that dancers have, dancers need other skills to differentiate their art from a sport.

    How to hire dancers for your party

    Getting party dancers for hire involves a careful process to ensure you get the right performers for your celebration. Here's a small guide to help you through the process:

    -Define your needs: Start by choosing the type of dance performers you want for your party or event. Consider the dance style, number of dancers, and the overall theme.

    -Search for local talent: Begin by looking for "party dancers for hire near me" online. Google uses your location to tailor your needs. Local dance entertainers are often more accessible. Hips Don't Lie is now in Chicago, and we can reach out to any location. Whether its La Grange Park, the center of the city, Oak Park... you name it, we can reach you.

    -Check reviews and portfolios: Once you have found potential dance performers, review their portfolios and read their customer reviews, so you gain better insights into their previous works.

    -Contact and inquire: Reach out to the booking agencies and inquire about the availability for your event, as well as ask for quotes.

    -Discuss expectations: Have a detailed discussion with the dancers about your party's theme, special requests, schedules and so on. Make sure they understand what you want and tailor their performance accordingly.

    -Confirm the logistics: Double-check logistics like costume changes (in case they are needed), sound equipment, stage setup and any kind of details. Ensure that everything is in order for a seamless performance.


      Hiring the best

      Hips Don't Lie has a vast list of dance styles that you can choose from, and depending on the event, you can tailor the dances to your liking:

      • Ballroom Dance
      • Ballet Dance
      • Belly Dance
      • Bollywood dance
      • Break Dance
      • Contemporary Dance
      • Disco Dance
      • Flamenco Dance
      • Jazz Dance
      • Hip Hop Dance
      • Latin Dance
      • Lyrical Dance
      • Salsa Dance
      • Samba Dance
      • Waltz Dance

      Remember, when it comes to hosting an unforgettable party, hiring professional dancers is a game-changer. The energy, excitement, and interactive engagement they bring to your event can elevate it to extraordinary heights. These captivating performers are versatile, able to tailor their acts to match your party's theme seamlessly, and the possibilities are endless. Aspiring dancers can break into this industry by showcasing their unique style and networking, so it's a win-win for everyone involved!