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Given the sheer number of cultural and traditional aspects in India, it is only natural that there is a mind-boggling variety of things to do and see in this country. Among these are the folk traditional India dances, each one representing the region and the people it is specific to. The numerous traditional dances in India are a window into its history, where myths and legends come together to define a way of life.

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    What is India's National Dance?

    Locals say that India music dance was created by the flow of magic manifested in movement, emotion, posture and beauty. The mystical spirit of traditional dances from India captivates with its mystery and its energy opens the senses.

    The history of the origin of dancing from India goes back centuries. The earliest evidence of the existence of various forms of dance are ancient cave frescoes and countless sculptures carved into the walls of temples. Now classical dance from India is popular all over the world and especially in Chicago, where people of many nationalities gather.

    What does Indian Classical Dance Mean?

    Famous dances of India can be seen in any village in India, they are danced during various festivals, significant events of village life (end of harvest), on the occasion of weddings, birthdays. Unlike classical dances, folk dances do not follow any written canons, they do not have religious themes.

    Due to the fact that there are many different ethno-linguistic groups on the territory of India, folk dances of 28 states of India are not similar to each other, moreover, it is not rare to find different Indian dances names within one state.

    Now many of the traditional & modern classical Indian dances are appreciated beyond the country. People who have moved from India, or those who just love this culture or want to learn it also dream of having their own folk dance India party and want to hire Indian dancers in Chicago. And that's great, because now there are many ideas about Indian dance available for a birthday party or wedding.

    Which Dance is Popular in India?

    There is a rich variety of native Indian dances in this country, each with its own unique history and style. However, one of the most popular and famous is Bharatanatyam. This classical kathakali indian dance originated in the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and is considered one of the oldest arts of dance culture, which is studied by almost every india dancer.

    Bharatanatyam dance form is characterized by graceful body movements, expressive gestures and emotional interpretation of dance drama. It is usually performed with live music and india dance songs including flute, drums and vocals. This Indian dancing is often used to tell mythological and religious stories, and it is part of the rich Indian cultural tradition, enjoying popularity among both locals and foreign art lovers.


    Classical Indian Dance Forms

    As we said earlier, there are a huge variety of traditional Indian dances. However, we will look at the most popular dances in India that are now known all over the world. These include these types of dances in India:


    Indian dance Bhangra is a rousing traditional dance form accompanied by dhol (drums), performed by men dressed in colorful traditional outfits. The North Indian dance was primarily associated with the spring harvest festival of Baisakhi, but has now taken precedence over weddings, local affairs and other celebrations. The female version of this dance is called Gidda. Such Indian dances at weddings can transform the celebration and make it unforgettable.


    The traditional Garba dance drama from Gujarat is performed during the Navratri festival, which symbolizes the celebration of life. Men and women dance in a huge circle around a clay lantern, dressed in elaborate and authentic Indian dancers costumes. This South Indian dance is perfect for a fun and large-scale celebration in Chicago.


    Lavani is a high-energy Indian dance show with a combination of traditional songs and folk dances performed to the rhythms of hindu temples. This Indian dance performance usually tells the story and relationship elements between men in colorful costumes and women in gorgeous Indian dance dresses.

    This India culture dance is perfect for corporate and private events. Female dancers will perform tender and sensual elements, and men on the dance floor will show the masculinity and authenticity of Indians. This folk dance form will mesmerize your guests.


    It is a female folk dance of the state of Tamil Nadu. It is performed on any occasion and at any time of the year. Be it an anniversary, wedding or any other celebration, Indian music and dances will enhance it. The dance has three versions - in the first, women hold small wooden sticks. In this North Indian dance style, the women clap their hands while dancing in a circle. In the Pinal form, sticks are tied to ribbons attached to a tall central pole and the dancers weave patterns while moving.

    Obviously, this requires a lot of experience as just one wrong move can disrupt the entire beauty of the pattern. The brightly colored ribbons look especially beautiful when woven and nonwoven during the synchronized and measured movements of the women. Our professional dancers in Chicago are highly experienced. So to see this incredible performance you can hire Indian performers. Many North, South and West Indian dance styles are now available that you can see at your party, including Kolattam Indian rain dances.

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    How to Create an Indian Theme Party?

    Creating an Indian-themed party with professional dancers can be a unique and memorable event. Here's how it can be organized:

    1. Choose a suitable venue for the event with classical dance forms that reflects the Indian atmosphere, like a restaurant with Indian food or a house with Indian-style decorations. But keep in mind that any location can be decorated, the main thing is to have plenty of space.
    2. Decorate the room with bright fabrics, lamps and pillows with ornaments. Use figures of Indian gods and symbolism to create an atmosphere. This is optional, but will help convey the mood and traditions of India.
    3. Prepare a variety of dishes from Indian cuisine such as biryani, tandoori and chaat.
    4. Hire professional dancers specializing in Indian styles such as Indian dance Bollywood, Kathak dance tradition or Bharatanatyam. Or favor modern American Indian dances with elements of classical dance form. Styles such as Indian hip hop dances will help you enjoy the classics with modern elements.
    5. Provide musical accompaniment with Indian music and instruments such as tabla and sitar.
    6. Decide on the cost of the party you are hoping for. We will help you select the dancers so that the final price will make you happy and satisfied.

    Creating an Indian-themed party with professional dancers will help create an unforgettable experience enveloped in the magic and beauty of Indian culture and traditional Indian dance. Invite our indian belly dancers to your venue, organize everything in advance and you will have the best party of your life.