Hire Flapper Dancers for an Authentic 1920s Experience in Chicago

Would you like to create a unique party and delight your loved ones with a rousing show during Christmas? Our team of professional flappers dancers is ready to bring the spirit of the era to your event. Hire 1920's flapper dancers for an unforgettable touch of vintage charm. You can book flapper girls for both a private party and a large-scale event. Let's learn more about this incredible era.

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    What is a Flapper Dancer?

    In the theater, flappers were young acrobatic artists, and in the dance community – girls who danced the Charleston and flapped their arms like a bird during the dance. They were characterized by exuberant moves and iconic style. So this flapper dance troupe created a culture of glamor and liberation. We offer services that allow you to hire 1920's dancers for any event to bring an authentic show to life. Our flapper dance group will surprise you with their energy and skill!

    What were Flapper Clothes 1920s?

    During the Roaring Twenties, the country was swept up in the exuberant "flapper craze," marking a dynamic shift in societal norms and cultural expressions. Nowadays, our American women dancers are quite appreciative of authenticity and choose 1920 style outfits. Let's take a look at what the style of this era consisted of:

    1. Costume 1920s flapper: These garments were usually low-waisted dresses decorated with fringe and intricate beadwork. This reflected the newfound freedom and luxury of the era.
    2. 1920s shoes flapper: Mary Jane's shoes with straps and low-heeled shoes were popular. These shoes combine comfort and style. It made it easy to dance the energetic dance moves of the time.
    3. Dance costume flapper: Headbands with feathers and long strings of pearls were often used during performances. They were needed to complement the lively and dynamic nature of the dances.
    4. Flapper dance dress: Defined by their loose, straight silhouettes and embellishments, these dresses became symbolic of the carefree and progressive spirit of the 1920s.

    What was Flapper Fashion in the 1920s?

    Flapper fashion in the 1920s after the end of the First World War was characterized by the iconic 1920s flapper dress, featuring dropped waists, beading, and fringe. In this era, a very expressive flapper makeup 1920s came into fashion, which was previously acceptable only in the theater environment.

    Young girls thickly circled their eyes with eyeliner, and painted their lips with bright lipstick. Especially they loved the color red that reflected the flapper lifestyle. Eyebrow flappers tried to make them thin and drew them with a dark pencil. Also, young women actively used blush.

    Flapper 1920s hairstyles favored short bobs and sleek, finger-waved hair, symbolizing the progressive and unconventional spirit of the era. Our dancers adhere to these traditions during their performances.

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      What Era Are Flapper Dancers From?

      Flapper dancers originate from the exhilarating flapper in the 1920s era. Renowned for their daring attitudes and distinctive fashion, the flappers of the 1920s symbolized a significant cultural shift towards liberation and empowerment. Today, they remain immensely popular, especially during festive occasions like Christmas and New Year in Chicago. These energetic performances give the holidays a vintage charm and vivacity, as well as mesmerizing nostalgia.

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      What Were 1920 Dancers Called?

      White women dancers in the 1920s were commonly referred to as flapper dancers, synonymous with the spirited culture of the time. These 1920s flapper women embraced the exuberance of the era, characterized by their distinctive style, bold attitudes, and dynamic performances. Their rhythmic and energetic flapper dances became emblematic of the social and cultural transformation that defined the Roaring Twenties. At this time, they were confronting traditional gender roles and sometimes looked like young men.

      What Dance Did Flappers Do?

      In the 1920s, flappers revolutionized the dance floor with their distinctive style of flappers 1920s dancing. Infusing the era with vitality, they showcased flapper dance moves like the Charleston, the Black Bottom, and the Shimmy. These dynamic flapper dance steps embodied the free-spirited essence of the time, characterized by lively footwork, playful hip motions, and spirited rhythmic movements.

      In the 1920s, dancing became much more liberated than at balls of past eras. For flappers, it was not just a leisure option, but a way to challenge society's cultural norms. First, couple dances, such as the Charleston, were overly active hand and foot movements. Secondly, young women wore more open and tight-fitting women’s clothing to make it more comfortable to dance.

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      What is the Dance in The Great Gatsby?

      In the private events of Chicago, Great Gatsby dancers transport guests into the opulent world of the 1920s. Channeling the charisma of the era, these performers revive the essence of Great Gatsby dances, evoking the glamor and extravagance portrayed in Fitzgerald's masterpiece.

      With graceful Gatsby dancing and rhythmic footwork, they bring to life the iconic movements that defined the Roaring Twenties, creating an immersive experience for attendees. Embracing the sophistication and allure reminiscent of the Jazz Age, these Great Gatsby dancers add a touch of vintage charm, making each private gathering an unforgettable celebration of an era known for its lavish revelry.

      What was a Gatsby Girl?

      The flapper's appeal during the 1920s lay in her bold demeanor, unconventional fashion choices, and spirited embrace of newfound freedoms. The Gatsby young girl epitomized the upbeat spirit of the era, similar to what is a 1920s flapper. Often synonymous with the great Gatsby Charleston dancers, she embodied the glamor and energy of the roaring twenties, captivating audiences with her lively and spirited show.

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      What is the Great Gatsby Style?

      Immersed in the Great Gatsby style and flapper image, you'll plunge your guests into a world of refined luxury and extravagance reminiscent of the 1920s. With refined and energetic Great Gatsby dance moves and the sumptuous attire of Great Gatsby dancers, they embody the aesthetic and glamor of that era. They exude charm and grace, lending each performance an unparalleled allure and energy.

      What is the Great Gatsby Theme Dress?

      The Great Gatsby theme dress embodies 1920s elegance. Characterized by dropped waists, intricate beading, and art deco embellishments, it exudes the opulence and glamor of this age, reflecting the timeless allure of the Gatsby era. Keep in mind that our dancers customize their outfits for each performance. This allows you to fully convey the flapper style of the past era and the emotions of the performance.

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      What is Gatsby Themed?

      Create an unforgettable Great Gatsby themed event in Chicago by hiring our dancers. Immerse guests in the 1920s with captivating performances and lively entertainment. Capture the essence of the era with our vibrant Great Gatsby themed event, perfect for adding a touch of glamor and excitement to your Christmas and New Year celebrations. Here are some tips to create an immersive Great Gatsby themed event:

      • Set the ambiance with a live jazz band.
      • Emphasize opulent, art deco-inspired decorations
      • Encourage guests to dress in 1920s fashion.
      • Incorporate thematic entertainment and interactive elements for a truly memorable experience.
      • Consider hosting a dance-off or Charleston dance lessons for added engagement.

      What is the Charleston Dance?

      The Charleston dance, popularized by Charleston dancers in the 1920s, is a lively and energetic dance form characterized by fast footwork and swaying movements. To create a vibrant Charleston-themed party in Chicago, consider hiring charismatic Charleston dancers for hire and captivating Charleston girls.

      Incorporate 1920s/1930s flapper girls and immersive décor to transport guests to the exuberant world of the Jazz Age, ensuring an unforgettable experience reminiscent of the dynamic Charleston dancers 1920s.

      What was Charleston in the Roaring 20s?

      Charleston in the Roaring 20s epitomized the era's vibrant spirit, characterized by lively and exuberant Charleston dancing. Charleston dancers exuded energy through intricate footwork and spirited movements.

      Our skilled Charleston dancers, well-versed in the dance's traditions, authentically capture the essence of the 1920s. With their dynamic performances, they transport audiences to the lively ambiance of the Jazz Age, ensuring an immersive experience that revives the jubilant Charleston dance 1920s era, capturing its lively and infectious charm.

      Here's a list of the distinctive features of our Charleston dancers:

      • Expertise in intricate footwork and lively movements.
      • Captivating audiences with infectious rhythms and dynamic performances.
      • Thorough understanding of the traditions and nuances of the 1920s era.
      • Ability to authentically recreate the vibrant atmosphere of the Jazz Age.
      • Immersive performances that revive the jubilant spirit of the Charleston dance 1920s era, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

      What is the Charleston Dance?

      How Much Does It Cost To Hire Flapper Dancers For A Christmas Party?

      The cost to hire Flapper Dancers for a New Year and Christmas party varies based on several factors such as the number of performers, entertainers' experience, and the event's duration. Hosting a Flapper-themed Christmas party adds a touch of vintage charm and liveliness, captivating guests with energetic performances and an immersive atmosphere.

      The price is influenced by the intricacy of the choreography, the scale of the production, and any additional customized elements. You can contact our company for a free consultation and we will help you create the perfect party, as well as calculate the exact cost.

      Summing up

      1920s flapper dancers are able to capture the unforgettable atmosphere of the last century. Are you tired of tedious and usual parties? Then professional flapper dancers are the perfect solution for you.

      Our dancers have a lot of experience in Christmas parties. So this is a great way to create the best party and make your loved ones happy. Your children will be able to enjoy colorful and interesting performances and discover flapper culture and traditions. And adults will be able to feel nostalgic for the old days. Contact us to create an incredible show for your favorite winter holiday.