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Our platform sets the stage for connecting you with skilled and professional ballroom dancers who are ready to dazzle and entertain. Whether it's a corporate gala, a wedding reception, or a private party, our roster of talented ballroom dancers is at your service to elevate the atmosphere and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

With a deep appreciation for the artistry of ballroom dances in Chicago, our dancers masterfully blend classic and modern styles, promising a performance that will leave your guests mesmerized. Make the right choice and surprise your guests with our ballroom dancers!

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    For which Events Can I Hire Ballroom Performers?

    Our most famous ballroom dancers are skilled in a variety of styles, from the graceful waltz to the fiery Latin ballroom dances, ensuring a remarkable experience for every event.

    Our ballroom performers can bring joy to guests at almost any event! Here are the most popular events for which ballroom dancers in Illinois are booked:

    • What wedding is possible without a waltz? It's a classic that mesmerizes. Imagine the perfect moment when our Latin ballroom dancers waltz across the floor and radiate romance at your intimate celebration.
    • Do you have a corporate party with your colleagues coming up soon? The ballroom dancers' background in various dance styles adds great emotions and variety to your event!
    • Create a memorable evening of giving back by incorporating the beauty of the ballroom into your fundraising event. Mesmerizing ballroom dancing will make an event look glamorous and raise funds for a meaningful cause.
    • Performing artists will help to attract more people, have a good evening and fulfill the main goal!
    • If you and your loved one are having a birthday party a ballroom dancer's performance would make a great gift. This is an unforgettable emotion that will definitely impress the birthday boy and guests.

    No matter the occasion, our ballroom performers are ready to turn every event into a spectacular affair. With their exceptional talents and dedication, they'll undoubtedly leave a lasting impression that will be remembered for years to come.

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      Who is the Best Professional Ballroom Dancer?

      In the world of ballroom dance, excellence is defined by more than one or two factors. It is a comprehensive measure of the skill, passion and dedication of the artists who take to the dance floor. We employ only the best professional ballroom dancers who have years of training and a lot of hard work behind them. With a diverse roster of female ballroom dancers and famous male ballroom dancers, each possessing their unique flair, our ensemble represents the epitome of grace, precision, and artistic expression.

      Our commitment to showcasing the best in the industry extends to the local dance scene as well. We take pride in nurturing the talent of local ballroom dancers, providing them with a platform to shine alongside internationally acclaimed ballroom performers. With a shared devotion to the art form, our collective of top ballroom dancers creates performances that leave an indelible mark, captivating audiences with every move. When it comes to the question of who is the best professional ballroom dancer, our ensemble stands out as the embodiment of excellence and artistry in motion.

      Everyone on our list of ballroom dancers are professionals at what they do!

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      How Much Does It Cost to Hire Ballroom Dancers in Chicago?

      The cost to hire private dancers near me depends on various factors that contribute to the overall pricing structure. The ballroom dancer price is influenced by the type of performance you're seeking, whether it's a solo act, a duo, or a full ballroom dance troupe. Each configuration comes with its own intricacies, affecting the overall cost.

      The fee is heavily influenced by the duration and difficulty of the ballroom dance performance. Longer routines and complex choreography need more time and effort during practice, which might raise the overall cost of hiring a ballroom dancer. The reputation and background of the dancers or entertainment dancers also have a big impact on cost. Due to their knowledge, more experienced performers or those with a solid record of successful events could command a premium price.

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      Moreover, the location of the event within Chicago can also impact the cost. If the venue is far from Chicago, there will be additional costs to transport the dancers and necessary equipment to the desired location.

      Ultimately, when seeking to book ballroom dancers for your event, it's essential to discuss your specific requirements and preferences with our company. This will allow us to provide you with a detailed quote based on the type of performance, duration, complexity, and other relevant factors. We can also help you plan your party and advise you on all the important issues!

      What are the Modern Day Ballroom Dances?

      Sports ballroom dancing is the name of the element that brought together 10 different Latin dancing rhythms. They are divided into two programs, which differ in origin and appearance of the dancers themselves.
      The European dance program, like west coast swing, stands out for its intelligence and sophistication. It includes slow and Viennese waltzes, tango, foxtrot and quickstep. The second program, as you have already understood, includes incendiary and passionate Latin American dances. This program includes the best dances from Latin America: cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, pasodoble and jive.

      Ballroom dancers for hire near me have different backgrounds. Therefore, you can choose a ballroom dance show with specific cultural characteristics of the country you are interested in.

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      Tips for Planning a Party with Hiring Ballroom Entertainers

      Here are expert tips to guide you through the process of planning a ballroom dancers' soiree that will be the talk of Chicago.

      #1 Define the Event's Theme and Purpose

      Begin by clarifying the theme and purpose of your event. Are you envisioning a formal affair, a themed gala, or a dance-centric celebration? Defining this will guide your selection of ballroom dance styles and performers. Whether you're looking for ballroom dancers for parties or corporate events, having a clear theme in mind helps align every aspect of the event.

      #2 Contact Our Ballroom Dance Company

      When hiring famous ballroom dancers, it is important to partner with a well-established ballroom dance company. We have extensive experience in Canada, as you can see from the many positive reviews. We also boast a diverse cast of dancers, meaning we can definitely cater to your wishes and turn ideas into reality. So contact us today to hire ballroom dancers for a wedding or birthday party!

      #3 Customize the Performance to Your Event

      Effective communication is key. Collaborate closely with the ballroom dance company to customize the performance. Share details about the event's venue, schedule, and any specific preferences you have. Whether you're looking for ballroom dancers for a wedding, a corporate event, or a festive party, tailor the performances to complement the event's overall atmosphere.

      #4 Plan the Timing and Choreography

      You need to consider how much you want the famous ballroom dancers to perform. In some cases, one or two dances during a wedding is enough, and sometimes it is necessary to have dancers present during the entire birthday party or corporate event.

      #5 Consider the Venue and Space

      The venue's layout and space play a crucial role in the success of the performances. Ensure the chosen venue provides ample room for the dancers to showcase their moves without any constraints. A professional ballroom dancing community will consider the space requirements and adjust their routines accordingly.

      #6 Capture the Moment with Ballroom Dancers Entertainment

      Hiring ballroom dancers for events presents a unique opportunity for captivating moments. If you have such a desire, consider ordering the services of a photographer or videographer in advance. They will help you capture beautiful footage of your party and performers. These memories will become cherished keepsakes for both you and your guests.

      #7 Create Lasting Memories

      Ultimately, the goal of hiring ballroom dance groups is to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Their movements, professionalism and interaction with the guests will be remembered for years to come and told at every opportunity as one of the best events in life.

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      What Do Ballroom Dancers Do for a Living?

      Ballroom dancers earn a career by showing their extraordinary talent at world professional ballroom championship events and contests, enhancing gatherings with their elegant performances. They frequently provide Latin dance instruction, seminars, and choreographic services to help prospective dancers benefit from their knowledge. In addition, many ballroom dancers work as a choreographer for plays or dance instructor at dance studios and a world dance council, bringing their artistic talent to the dance competition and entertainment sector.


      Dance acts for hire is a great solution for any celebration. This way you can please yourself and your loved ones with such unusual and exciting entertainment. We hope our tips have helped you in planning your party. If you still have questions or want to plan your party with ballroom dancers sooner rather than contact our company. We are happy to help you create the party of your dreams!