Dancers for Special Events

Spice up Your Event With Dance Performances in Chicago (IL)

A performance by professional dancers for hire will be a spectacular highlight of any event. Positive vibes, new drive, and magnetism of images come with amazing dance shows from Hips Don't Lie.

Performance dance arts – the beauty in every movement and look of its creators. We make perfect and well-thought-out numbers in over 15 styles, such as Jazz, Flamenco, Burlesque, Ballet, Contemporary, Disco, Hip Hop, Cabaret dance acts, and more. Our event performers in Chicago (IL) will "fire up" your celebration with their costumes, excellence, and great spirit.

Themed dancers for events: check a selection of special occasions

Work or personal celebrations in Chicago (IL) will be transformed into the most vivid and memorable ones thanks to a performance with dance for everybody. Check out a selection of popular events for which you can book entertainment acts from a team of professionals:

  • Corporate parties for medium and large companies
  • New Year shows
  • Wedding flash mobs and entertainment
  • Holiday concerts
  • Private social event
  • General Evening
  • Anniversaries and birthday parties
  • Themed discos in clubs and pubs
  • Festivals and more

Themed dancers for events will make parties spectacular and awesome, give guests joyful emotions, and "charge" with energy for days to come. The audience will be delighted with the art of the body and brilliant images of artists, complexity and spectacular staging of our choreographers.

The teams and members of Hips Don't Lie Co. have been performing for audiences for a long time, showing their skills in creating mega dance shows. Hire dancers for events to surprise guests and leave a great impression of the party for a long time in Chicago, IL.

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What are the highlights of our dance performances for events?

Different styles and number of dancers. Book a solo dancer or a group of 3-5 people for a special occasion. The number of participants also depends on the styles of dance that will be presented in the show. For example, belly dancers or Bollywood dancers will look spectacular in a group, while ballroom dancers for hire perform sensually as a pair. Lyrical or hip-hop numbers can be performed solo.

Customized solutions. Make a mix of five styles that you like and fit your wedding or another event. Pick complete looks for Latin dancers, Bollywood dancers, and other performers by specifying your preferences when ordering performance dance for events.

Professional choreographers. Check out our portfolio and customer reviews to get a feel for the atmosphere of a show from Hips Don't Lie Co. We create a real theatrical spectacle for your celebration with choreography and popular songs.

Experienced and versatile event performers and entertainers. Ask a manager about the opportunity to take a preliminary look at the work of our dancers. You can visit such a celebration, enjoy our program in different dance styles and personally meet with the participants to make a final decision.

Detailed checklist to book professional dancers for the best dance performances in Chicago, IL

To organize a brilliant private social event with dancers for hire, approach all items responsibly:

  1. Choose a hall for the celebration. Pay attention to the availability of the dance floor and its size. Check with the dancers for hire about enough space and the nuances of the flooring. The dance floor should be wide and convenient for the performance of artists.
  2. Match the program and styles to the theme of the party. First, ask yourself the question: what manner and emotion do I want to see in the performance of dance for me? You can choose anything from popular Cabaret dance acts and Burlesque to hip hop and modern dance. You are the creator of your party, so share your desires with our professional choreographers, who will help you select the program.
  3. Check out the self-presentations of dancers for hire to identify a solo performer or group for an act. Go to the appropriate section of the website and scroll through the performance dances for parties in which they have participated. Get a feel for the dancers' manner and style.
  4. Choose costumes for the performers. Look through the catalog, select special looks, and write your preferences for props and music. Much of this item depends on your choice of dance Chicago performances.
  5. Discuss with the manager all the details of the future show. Specify the program, costumes, number of dancers for hire, music, dance styles, and location for the performance.
  6. Book the date for a special occasion and place your order. After your booking confirmation, we will contact you a few days in advance to run through the arrangements once again and make your next event unforgettable! We'll remind you of your dance hall days!

Book dancers for events by contacting Hips Don't Lie! We have participated in over a thousand parties, which have become the most amazing and memorable for their guests. Our dancers for hire are united by years of love for dance, a high level of professionalism, and a strong "thirst" for the stage and admiring audience.

Contact us as soon as possible to have us devise and rehearse a program that will thrill you!


What are examples of dance events?

Our company offers a unique and amazing performance dance for everyone. You can order the group for special occasions: corporate parties, wedding, private events, anniversaries, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other celebrations. We will add originality and brightness to your party by performing a spectacular program with the participation of dance performers from Hips Don't Lie. You can book fusion dancers, broadway dancers, and even gorgeous acrobatic cheerleaders for your celebration!

What are dance events?

These are social events where dancing is at the center of the party. They are meant to prepare guests for the disco party at a wedding, decorate the celebration, be entertaining, and give enjoyment to the audience. The synchronized movements, incredible costumes, and energy of dancers for hire are a must for amazing dance shows. Make your event bright and rocking by contacting us!

What is dance as entertainment?

Dances are a way to give positive emotions and excite the audience when watching music videos, concerts, award ceremonies, show programs, etc. They cheer up the audience during weddings and showcase the beauty of a particular style of dances for events.

Is dance in the entertainment industry?

Dancing is an integral component of the huge entertainment industry. They are used in musicals, theater productions, music videos, and commercials. For example, they are even featured in Hollywood movies such as La La Land. The famous Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez shows are impossible to imagine without dynamic dances and elaborate staging.

Dancing is my passion