Wedding Dances

Dances for Wedding Reception: How to Organize It Right?

In today's world, we cannot imagine a celebration without wedding dances. It is an integral part of the binding of two souls into an eternal union. They evoke a storm of emotions, carry a special message, and combine many rituals. However, besides that, dances at weddings are a rather complicated aspect of the organization. In this article, we will tell you how to properly organize dances for wedding parties and do it perfectly with the help of dance lessons in Chicago.


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Explore the intricacies of 10 widely embraced dance genres. Dance stands out as a prevalent means of self-expression, offering a rich diversity of styles to delve into.
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Why Do We Dance at Weddings?

Any wedding entrance dances carry a special positive message. Even if the dance is touching, it symbolizes joy for the bride and groom, a blessing for them. It is impossible to imagine such an event without at least one wedding party dance.

All wedding line dances are necessary for joy and entertainment. Dances unite all those present: newlyweds, relatives, and friends. All emotions during the party fill the hearts of every guest and participant.

Who Usually Dances at a Wedding Dance Floor?

Everyone can participate in the dance if they wish. Most often, the bride and groom think over the basic dance program and turn to us to create a choreographic production of each dance. We in turn, based on the wishes, capabilities, and skills of each participant, think out each dance to the smallest detail and teach all the movements.

After the main program on the dance floor, all guests can go out and have fun. However, if you are invited to a wedding for the first time you may also need a couple of lessons. Even in a few hours you can achieve results and learn the basic moves to feel confident on the dance floor.

Wedding Dances and First Dances

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    What Dances are in Weddings?

    Let's take a look at the most popular styles of wedding party dances:

    • The slow dance of the newlyweds with romantic line dance songs is also suitable for other couples in love at the party. 
    • Waltz. There are many varieties of it, so it will require some choreography skills or dance lessons to get the hang of it.
    • Clockwork and fast swing - the choice of a bright and active couple. Jumps turns, complex combinations of steps in the tempo - all this drive must be felt and conveyed in motion, so without a choreographer here can not do without.
    • Rumba. This Latin American dance is suitable for a sensual and expressive couple.
    • If your couple likes modern dances and you want to "blow up" the dance floor, then pay attention to the hip-hop style.

    What is the Dance After the Wedding Called?

    If there is a specific dance or tradition that the newlyweds plan to perform after the formal part of the wedding, it can be something special and personalized to them. A collective dance in the form of a flash mob is a new but already favorite event for newlyweds. It is radically different from the first romantic dance of the couple by its scale because it involves a lot of people who gradually join in. You can ask friends of the groom and bridesmaids to prepare such a number together with you and sign up for group dance lessons. It will not only be useful but also a fun groom or bridal party!

    How Many Dances are in a Wedding Party?

    Special dances at weddings are not performed in a random order. They have a logical sequence and are usually performed in a conventional order. All surprise dances at weddings are part of the event, and each performance carries a special meaning. Let us find out the generally accepted order of wedding dances.

    #1 Wedding Line Dance of the Bride and Groom

    Traditionally, the first dance at the wedding is danced by the bride and groom. The responsibility of choosing a song for the first dance usually falls on the young couple. This dance can be anything depending on the couple's wishes.

    The first dance of the young is an extravaganza of feelings, romanticism, passion, and tenderness at the same time, dynamics, and smoothness of lines. After all, it is an important and memorable event that the bride and groom will remember all their lives! That is why many couples very reverently, touchingly, and responsibly approach the issue of choosing the style, music, dance school or teacher, outfits, and all other paraphernalia.

    We will be glad to share this moment with you and offer to take advantage of professional dance lessons. This will help you to perfectly dance the most important dance of your life and remember it as a wonderful event for years to come.

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      #2 Dance for Father & Daughter at the Wedding

      The sequence of the following common dances at weddings can be modified according to your wishes and traditions. In addition, some dances can be combined into one sensual performance.

      For many, the parents' dance is a way of expressing their pride and joy for their daughter, reaffirming that even though she is outside their home, she will always have their support and love.

      This moment can also be a sad one for the father, as he realizes that his daughter is growing up and starting her own life. Such a dance can be an important emotional moment for both father and daughter, as well as for all the guests at the wedding who are watching this solemn moment.

      #3 Mother & Daughter Wedding Dance

      Very often this dance is combined with the previous one. First, the father dances with the bride. And then he passes the daughter into the hands of the mother, who also blesses the newlyweds. These dances for wedding parties are one of the most touching moments, before which the participants are very nervous. To avoid awkward situations it is important to put on the dance and rehearse it in advance.

      #4 Mother & Son Wedding Dance

      The groom's dance with his mother at the wedding also has a special meaning. This moment symbolizes the special bond between mother and son, his childhood, upbringing, and support. The groom's father often joins in these traditional wedding dances. For many families, this dance is a way of expressing gratitude to the son for all the mother's love and support he has received throughout his life. 

      Country wedding songs such as those by Billy Ray Cyrus will perfectly complement the father-daughter dance and mother-son dance.

      #5 Wedding Song for Brother and Sister Dance

      Of course, dances for wedding receptions can also include performances with siblings if the newlyweds have them. This can be the crowning moment for wedding introduction dances.

      However, very often the newlyweds want to dance one more time! And then the last dance songs wedding can be in a completely different style than the first one. At first, it can be a sensual and romantic moment, and at the end a rousing tango. Why not? At a wedding in Chicago after our dance lessons, you can arrange a real dance performance and surprise all the wedding guests.

      #6 Unconventional Dances for Wedding Party

      Sometimes weddings have the money dance, during which guests offer money to the newlyweds. It is usually accompanied by joking situations when guests put money on the dance floor or on the clothes of the young people. There can also be the anniversary dance of the parents. To set an example for the newlyweds and remember the most romantic moments from their wedding day.


      A wedding is an important event that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. Contact us for professional dance lessons in Chicago to make the day perfect. This way you will be able to feel confident, give a great performance, and amaze all your guests with incredible moves!