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The art of Italy is the jewel of world art, and Italian dance is included as an integral part of it. Traditional Italian dances are an expression of the soul and the whole characteristic nature of Italians as a nation. And Italians are very fond of dancing. General characteristics of Italian dance: the speed of movement; transitions from full foot to toe; transition from jump less pas to light balli.

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    What are the Types of Dancing in Italy?

    The musical world of Italy became diverse. The emergence of new instruments and melodies encouraged lively dance and vigorous movements to the beat. Italian national dances were born and developed. Their names were formed, often based on the territorial principle. There were many varieties of Italian dance styles. The main known Italian dance names today are: bergamasca, gagliarda, saltarella, pavana, tarantella and pizzica.

    What is the Famous Italian Folk Dance?

    Tarantella is a rousing, energetic, and popular dances in Italy, especially in Southern Italy, although the Neapolitan tarantella is considered the classic version. The name of the popular Italian dance called Tarantella is believed to come from the name of an Italian city, Taranto.

    According to another legend, tarantella was a way to cure insanity caused by a tarantula bite. The fast-paced, galloping dance supposedly helped to disperse the blood and counteract the spider's venom. In the XVI century, special orchestras walked the streets, to the music of which people danced tarantella for hours. Couples or individual dancers form a circle during the dance, moving clockwise, then suddenly changing direction.

    What is the Italian Folk Dance of the Tarantula?

    This Italian dance show is accompanied by rapid, fast, and cheerful music, sharp, clear gestures and even singing. When the Italian bar dancers in a circle joined each other, the circle and the direction of the circle constantly changed, which means that we got to the Italian wedding. The main instruments in Italian music and dances are the guitar and tambourine.

    In each region of Italy, this dance has its peculiarities. There is the Sicilian tarantella from Northern Italy, and the tarantella of Montemarano, Calabria, and Gargano. However, the classic of the court dances is the Neapolitan tarantella, born from Spanish and Moorish motifs. What remains unchanged in any region in Southern Italy is the quickness and zestfulness of the Italian dances tarantella.

    Is Ballet an Italian Dance?

    The merit of the famous dances of Italy is also expressed in the development of the art of ballet. It originated in the courts of Italian princes during the Renaissance in Southern Italy. The word "ballet" is derived from the Latin word "ballo", which means "dancing". At the end of the 16th century in Italy, it was understood as a dance episode in opera, which was used to convey a certain mood. Later ballet became an independent art form.

    Popular folk dance Italian art impressed the French court, and in the 17th century, ballet moved there and then became popular throughout Europe. Nowadays, the level of ballet art in Italy is no less high than before.


    Luxury Costumes Women Italy Dancer

    The classic option for women's costume Italian ballet dancers chose velvet dresses with a square neckline. The sleeves of the dress were straight, although this could be altered by lacing or buttons. An important innovation in women's costumes for traditional dances in Italy was that the sleeves reached only to the hands, leaving them open (according to medieval etiquette, the hands had to be concealed).

    In the modern world for Italian music dance more comfortable dresses are used, not multi-layered. And also add bright elements, lace, and jewelry. Shoes for traditional dances from Italy are comfortable and hardy, as the performance itself is very energetic. In general, the main feature of Italian dancers' costumes is luxury and comfort, which is inherent to Italians.

    Italian Theme Party: Ideas about Italian Dance

    Organizing informal family gatherings in central Italy style is a pleasure! It is impossible to organize parties without Italian dance songs. Italian calm and pleasant-to-the-ear motifs will instantly transport guests to the sunny country and set a good mood for the evening. And fiery and emotional Italian millionaire dance will not let the guests get bored for a minute.

    Wedding with Italian Tarantella Wedding Dance

    Italian dances at weddings are an obligatory part of the celebration. Most often it is a tarantella - a traditional dance with very lively movements accompanied by singing. Guests join hands in a circle and move clockwise while the music speeds up, and then do all the movements in reverse. In addition, you can hire Italian dancers who will perform during your event and engage your guests to participate in show master classes. This is a great way to entertain friends and family and to see great Italian ballroom dance shows live.

    Folk Dancing from Italy at Your Birthday or Anniversary

    Why not throw the best birthday party of your life with an Italian belly dance? Making an Italian-style birthday party with Italian folk dances is a great way to create an unforgettable atmosphere of fun and joy. Italian dance culture is rich in tradition and passion that will bring originality and uniqueness to your birthday party with popular folk dances, making it unique and memorable for all guests.

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    Hire Italian Dancers for Corporate and Private Events

    To create the best Italian-style party it's important to think things through in advance:

    • Decide on the location of the event and the approximate number of guests.
      Prepare a suitable menu with Italian cuisine.
    • Next, you can hire Italian performers. It is important to decide whether you want a short performance or during the whole party, solo or to see a group of famous dancers. The same point includes the choice of Italian dance music, you may want to have a musician from Italy at the party.
    • Consider the availability of decorations and a large dance floor. It is important that the atmosphere and culture of Italy are conveyed and that there is plenty of room for the dancers and your guests.

    Traditional & Modern Italy Dancing

    We can create a traditional Italian party with traditional dance for you as well as a modern party with country dances:

    • At a traditional Italian party, you will be plunged into the authentic atmosphere of Italy. The evening will begin with classic Italian folk dances such as the waltz and tarantella, which will be accompanied by live music. Guests will be able to enjoy the exquisite food and wines of Italy, as well as participate in contests and quizzes related to Italian culture.
    • If you prefer a more contemporary style, our modern Italian party will include energetic and dynamic folk dancing. Guests will enjoy professional dancers performing ballet, salsa, and even modern interpretations of traditional Italian dances. This option is often chosen for birthday parties for young people, although it is also enjoyed by older audiences.

    Contact us today and we will create the perfect Italian-inspired evening for you. It will be an authentic, fun, and emotional celebration with Italian folk dances that you will remember for a long time!