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Hiring wedding dancers: top tips

Your wedding day is arriving and you are planning for everything to be perfect, as it will be one of the most memorable and special days of your life, and want to celebrate it big time. You also want your guests to have a fun time and enjoy themselves on your special day.

If you want something different, besides having your family and friends dancing, then hiring dance entertainment is a great choice! You will light up the gathering by adding this touch of professional artistry and uniqueness! Professional dancers can get even the shy ones to the dance floor.

Today we will tell you everything you need to know about getting professional dancers for your big day.


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Benefits of hiring dancers for your wedding party

Entertainment and engaging

Professional dancers have a skill that goes beyond their movements: they can captivate your guests with their artistry and charm. Their performances give the wedding a dynamic and exciting element, making sure that the guests are thoroughly entertained.

It doesn't matter whether it is a contemporary performance, a classical style, or a fusion of dances, they will leave a lasting impression on your guests! They create choreographed dances for weddings that everyone will like.

Cultural diversity

Your guests (and of course, it will depend on your friends, family, and so on) have probably different cultural backgrounds. Professional dancers are able to represent a myriad of cultures and traditions with their performances, and this inclusivity is a beautiful way to honor your guests and create a diverse and inclusive atmosphere.

How to hire wedding dancers

When it comes to hire the dance performers, there are some things to take into consideration. The first one is to define your vision and your budget. Determine the dance styles you would like to have, and how much you can spend. Think of the duration of the dance performance, and how many dancers are needed.

Then, go on to find local dancers. You can search for individual dancers, dance groups or dance companies in your area that are set to your needs and budget. You can use social media, use online platforms, or ask for recommendations from event planners, friends, and family as well.

Then, you can inquire about availability, discuss wedding details, and finally booking the show.

Ideas for Simple Wedding Dance Choreography

The first dance of a married couple is a memorable event that will last forever in their memories, and also, one of the moments when they will shine the most in their reception. Some couples feel nervous by thinking that all eyes will be on them on their wedding entrance dance, and many don't have any dance experience. Here we tell you simple ideas and tips for that first appearance on the party's dance floor.

  1. Slow dance. This is the gold choice for couples with minimal dance experience. It can start with a slow, romantic dance song, and incorporate steps like basic spins, swaying motions, and gentle turns. Elegant and intimate.
  2. Waltzing. For couples who want a touch of elegance, a waltz choreography is perfect for them. Begin with the classic waltz steps, and add a few graceful spins and twirls. This dance style can create a beautiful and dreamy atmosphere on the dance floor.
  3. Rumba steps. If you have a bit more experience, you can incorporate some rumba and Latin dance steps into a slow choreography. It will look amazing and even more professional without needing plenty of dance experience.

Dancing Styles and Dancers For A Wedding

Turkish wedding dances

The dances of Turkish culture are very lovely and vibrant performances that show the joyfulness of love. From "Halay" to "Zeibek", which are traditional dances from the country, the movements of Türkiye's culture, along with the colorful costumes and intricate footwork will captivate the audience and keep them entertained and energized.

Wedding bhangra dancers

These dancers will bring the fervor and vitality of Punjabi culture to the greatest celebrations of love. Bhangra is a very energetic and lively dance form that is characterized by its high-spirited music and rhythmic footwork. You can trust a professional dancer to infuse your wedding with an electrifying atmosphere and coordinated moves of this dance style.

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    Brazilian dancers for weddings

    Brazilian dances have a sizzling natural spice that can light up any wedding celebration. The Samba and Bossa nova moves can infuse the celebrations with the passion and energy that characterizes Brazil, and the sensual choreography, colorful costumes, and incredible rhythms of the dancers will create an unforgettable experience as they turn the wedding into a fiery celebration of love!

    Belly dancers for weddings

    Belly dance brings an interesting cultural and traditional aspect to the celebration, because this dance style has been a part of Arab and Middle East weddings for many, many years. It is a very old tradition, and it represents fertility and joy, bringing a wonderful atmosphere.

    The female dancers clad in glittering, enchanting costumes and invigorating music will turn your wedding party into a different and magical experience for your guests, specially if it is a family-friendly gathering.

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    Salsa dancers for wedding

    Just like Brazilian dance, Salsa has lively dance moves and music that can get any party from quiet or tranquil, to having all the guests dancing and laughing. Latin dances and culture have a fun, fiery nature that makes them appropriate for celebrating any occasion. They are a hallmark of many events!

    Bollywood dancers for weddings

    Bollywood has a nice aspect, besides the culture, costumes, and beautiful music, that makes it a good choice for a wedding, and that is story-telling. These dancers can tell an entire romance story without uttering a single word. Their costumes, music, movements, and interactions will make the guests understand that they are not just watching a dance performance, but seeing a love story through movement.


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