Themes for Dance Performances

Chicago Events: Creative Concepts or Themes in Dance

Are you planning a celebration or want to organize a party for a loved one? Then you are at the right place! One of the most important parts of any event is a dance with a theme. It is the performances of professional dancers that can improve any party in Chicago, make it unique and interesting for everyone present. In this article, you will learn what are the dancing theme ideas and how to choose the right dance theme for a particular celebration.


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Factors to Choose Theme for Dance for Adults

Nowadays there are many trendy dancing themes that are impressive in their own way. For example, a masquerade ball can create a mysterious and elegant atmosphere. Around the world theme is perfect for guests from different countries. The Great Gatsby allows you to create a luxurious holiday and feel nostalgic for the retro era.

Choosing a theme for adults should match the mood of the event and satisfy the tastes of the audience. Therefore, it is important to explore the factors that influence this in more detail. When choosing a theme for adult dance events, pay attention to the following aspects:

Number of Dancers on the Dance Floor

Our professional team can organize an incredible show with any number of dancers. When creating a choreography, you need to consider the parameters of the venue.

For a small number of dancers, you can consider more intimate and close performances, which is perfect for small parties in a restaurant or cottage. In such cases, you can add an incredible red carpet, which will make the dancers' appearance on the dance floor more colorful.

For a large number of dancers, ideas can include mass performances and filling the entire event space with dance moves. This will allow you to organize the maximum impact on the audience, giving them the opportunity to enjoy different professionals.

The number of dancers is planned according to the size of the dance floor, the number of guests and the room. The theme of the dance also depends on this.

Popular Styles for Theme for Dance Show

Each dance style is a unique reflection of the culture and musical heritage of a particular country or region. Therefore, the theme of the dance and the entire party can be just that. List of popular styles for a dance show:

  1. Hip-hop: You can invite guests to a modern hip-hop themed party. This idea is characterized by energetic dancing, bright decorations, modern hits, and a free dance floor.
  2. Belly dance: The uniqueness of the Belly dance party lies in the sophistication of the event's design using oriental motifs and the opportunity to learn playful belly dance moves.
  3. Latin dancing: A Latin dance party will immerse your guests in the passionate and gentle rhythms of Latin music. This theme will fill the event with warmth and emotions.
  4. Ballroom dancing: A themed ballroom party will bring an elegant atmosphere and sophistication. Your guests will be able to enjoy the professional movements of our dancers in the classical style.
  5. Bollywood: When organizing a Bollywood party, get ready for bright colors, authentic songs and the sound of musical instruments. All this will allow you to feel the spirit of Indian cinema.

Each style can be the basis for a themed dance show, allowing the audience to delve into the world of different cultures and musical expressions. Disco balls, glow sticks and black lights can be used to emphasize the effect and atmosphere during the performance, adding an electrifying mood to each style.

Group Dance Concept Ideas with Mix of Dance Styles

You already know what styles are popular in Chicago. But do you know what's the best part? You can order dancers who will perform in different styles at the same event. That is, yes, you can even combine Backstreet Boys, Wild West and Sock hop in one party.

If you have both children and adults, or representatives of different cultures, this is the perfect solution. Consider the wishes of all guests and invite a variety of dancers. Mixed themes for dance performances are always impressive, unique and interesting!

Here are some ideas for combining different styles of dance in a theme party:

  • Bringing together different cultures: This party brings together the rhythms of different countries and cultures. It includes salsa, samba, ballet and Latin American dances. Guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of dance styles from different parts of the world.
  • Nostalgia for retro fusion: This theme combines the flapper style of the 1920s, jazz dances and disco of the era. Guests will have the opportunity to recall incredible performances of different eras and styles, feel the energy of retro dances and luxurious costumes.
  • A mix of India and Latin America: This theme combines Indian Bollywood style with Latin American dances. Guests will enjoy colorful costumes and rhythms that reflect the diversity and richness of cultures.
  • Modern rhythms: This party combines modern hip-hop, go-go dancing and disco. This is an urban party where guests can feel the energy and movement of modern dance culture. Ideal for an adult and fun audience in a club, restaurant or pub.

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    Thematic Ideas for Dances Based on the Celebration Type

    In addition, you need to choose the theme of the dance based on the type of holiday. Let's take a look at the main types of events:

    Birthday Ideas for Dance
    Birthday or anniversary parties provide a huge scope for choosing a theme. If you want to give a themed dance party to a loved one, you should do it according to their interests, hobbies, and wishes. You can even use the motifs of the beloved Star Wars movie and add modern Hip hop or Go go dances. Or create an atmosphere of dancing fun in the style of "cotton candy". In general, you can rely on anything, and we will help you choose the perfect dance style to create an energetic atmosphere and emphasize the uniqueness of this holiday.

    Theme for Dance Party or Corporate Events
    For corporate parties or themed dance events, the theme should be appropriate for a professional environment, but still be exciting. Consider the age of your guests and their cultural background. For example, choosing an apace theme will create a sense of an amazing adventure, or reflecting the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas can add elements of fun and luxury to the festive atmosphere. An interesting idea is to add a photo booth, which will allow guests to leave their memories of the theme party in vivid photos.

    Wedding Themes for Dance Choreography
    For wedding dances, it is important to choose a theme that reflects love and a sense of wonder. It should be something romantic and in line with the wishes of both the future wife and her husband. The Alice in Wonderland theme can create a fairy-tale and crystal mood, bring guests back to childhood for a while and enjoy more classical dances. While a winter wonderland with twinkle lights will bring a sense of fairy-tale winter beauty and romance. Ballet, waltz and other romantic dances will create a picturesque atmosphere for a wedding party in any theme.

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    Why Hire Dancers for Your Chicago Event?

    A themed dance show is the perfect solution for any occasion. Let's take a look at the main advantages of hiring our dancers for such events:

    1. Planning process: Our dancers will help simplify the planning of your event. We have a lot of experience and can create choreography that fits any theme or concept.
    2. Choosing a dance style: We can advise and help you choose the best dance style for your event. We have all the popular styles available in Chicago from energetic hip-hop to elegant belly dancing.
    3. Unique costumes: Our dancers will perform in unique and stylish costumes. This will emphasize the theme of your event and create a spectacular impression on your guests.
    4. Creating extra fun: Professional dancers' performances will add energy and fun to your party. This way, you will create a fun and exciting mood for everyone present.



      Whether you're organizing your own wedding or want to give a unique birthday present to one of your friends, themed dances will help you do just that. Take into account the wishes of your guests, spouses or birthday person, choose your favorite dance style or mix them, and you will get an incredible celebration. Our dancers will amaze you with professional moves, theme matching and luxurious outfits. Contact us today and create the biggest party in Chicago with Hips Don't Lie!