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Go-go - an entertaining dance in which there are no certain rules, and there is a desire to seduce, surprise, and delight. It is an improvisation dance, relaxed and energetic, designed to ignite people on the dance floor of nightclubs, strip clubs, and private parties.

Traditionally, go-go is considered a club dance, but, contrary to stereotypes, it is far from easy to perform. In addition, go-go dancers for parties need not just beautifully perform all the movements, but also energize those present, to please themselves and others with their dance, to be the center of the club event.

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    How to Entertain Crowds with Go-Go Dancers on the Dance Floor?

    Go-go dancing originated in the last century and gained popularity in the 60s-70s. Go-go dance is a minimum of rules and a maximum of self-confidence, a demonstration of yourself and your body. Professional go-go dancers use special effects in their performance, turning the dance into a real show, and earning fame and popularity.

    Such spectacular numbers can be seen in modern clubs and even at your private party. Now many are looking for go-go dancers as it is easy, affordable, and allows you to get a unique experience!

    Go-go entertainment dancers in Chicago use laser guns, glowing costumes, and other interesting accessories to attract the audience and turn their performance into a performance.

    Go-go dancing is not easy, because a 60s go-go dancer performs the whole time the party is going on. Such skills require good physical fitness in dance classes.

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    A 70s go-go dancer must ignite the audience, and entertain patrons, and therefore go-go dancers in the 70s have to come up with all new colorful numbers. Examples of this can be seen in famous movies and other dance TV shows.

    This dance involves the whole body and even facial expressions. Plastic, rhythmic, and graceful movements should be a little eroticized to achieve a magnetic effect on all those present at the private party. Professional go-go dancers in the '60s choose their compositions for the numbers, but can also perform to any club tracks.

    In this style, it is important to improvisate sincere emotions, and the ability to make and ignite the audience. For this go-go girl dancers try to constantly monitor the expression of the face so that it is not read tension or shyness.

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      How to Hire Go-Go Dancers for Wedding or Birthday Party?

      Now hire go-go performers can absolutely every person. The most important thing is to plan the party properly and choose a professional go-go dancer 60s, or even a whole go-go dance troupe.

      To make it easier, we've put together a step-by-step plan with tips from our experts. Follow them and together we will create the perfect party for you with the best go-go dancers.

      gogo dancers

      Determine Party Theme

      The initial step is to understand exactly what kind of party you have planned. More precisely, how you want it to turn out. Maybe it's a retro classic party with 70s go-go dancers or a modern one with colorful go-go dancers nightclub?

      Also at this stage, you need to decide on the number of guests and their age group. Our women go-go dancers will find an approach to both children and adults.

      But it is better to ask in advance if the guests want to interact and participate in the performances of go-go dancers in cage. You can watch a music video of the performance and evaluate what number of go-go girls would be ideal for you.

      Pick a Location

      Next, decide on a location. Our private dancers for hire near me are located in Chicago IL. But any performance art dancer can also perform throughout the state of Illinois if needed.

      It is very important to choose such an apartment, restaurant, or night club to have a large dance floor. The success of the party largely depends on whether there is enough space for your guests to relax, and whether there is enough space for Vegas go-go dancers to perform.

      cost to hire a go go dancer

      Decide on a Budget

      Then consider how much money you are willing to shell out to hire famous go-go dancers. Further on in this article, we will tell you what the cost depends on. Of course, the bigger the budget, the bigger and brighter your party will be with female and male go-go dancers entertainment.

      Contact Our Go Go Dance Company

      Then contact our specialist for a free consultation. We will help to plan your party properly and decide on the choice of dancers, as well as make an individual program for your budget.

      Even if you have difficulties with the selection of location or thinking over the theme of the party, it is not a big deal. We are always happy to help you with friendly advice and professional solutions.

      Discuss all the details of the Go-Go Dance Show

      Then we will discuss with you all the details of the event, and approve the number of called performance art dancers, and the duration of the performance. We may have to ask you additional questions to make sure that the party will be perfect and will please all the guests.

      Prepare for the Party

      Then all you have to do is wait for the party. Believe me, this unique experience will be the best of your life. We are confident that we will be able to give you and your loved ones unforgettable emotions and colorful memories.

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      Cost to Hire a Go Go Dancer

      The go-go dancer price depends on several important factors that affect the final cost.

      First and foremost, the number of go-go performers you plan to invite to your event plays a role. More hip-hop dancers will most likely require a higher cost. The duration of the performance also plays a role - the longer it lasts, the higher the cost will be.

      The location of your event is important. In some locations, services may be more expensive due to transportation or accommodation costs for the dancers.

      Additional factors such as costume requirements, props, sound equipment, and lighting can also increase the cost. Finally, the demand for go-go dancers during holidays or peak seasons can cause prices to increase due to high demand.

      go go dancers for hire near me

      Amazing Go Go Dancing at Your Party: Dance Acts for Hire

      The main difference between go-go dance performance and other dance styles is brightness, colorfulness, and special energy. During hiring women dressed and performances, female go-go dancers in Chicago are dressed in eye-catching and daring costumes. Most often it is frank clothes, bright tops, short skirts and shorts. This extravagant style is classic and gained popularity in the last century.

      Go Go Dance Groups in Chicago

      The group performances of Russian go-go dancers make a special impression on the guests of private parties. A lot of energy, sexuality, and emotions spill out on the dance floor. Therefore, local go-go dancers can transform any party.

      Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or any other celebration, top go-go dancers are ready to find a solution for you. It can be a more decent performance for a party with kids, or a hot show for adults only.

      List of Go Go Dancers

      For this style there are no barriers to direction and no strict order of movements, it has incorporated many concepts. We offer a huge variety of go-go dance crews from different backgrounds, ages, and styles. You can even find Thai go-go dancers.

      Contact us today and we will help you make your party even better. Chic decorations, luxurious costumes, and professional go-go entertainers are what you need! Any event featuring go-go dancers will be unforgettable and so much fun.