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Dance Group – A Bright and Memorable Decoration of Any Event

Celebrations are always exciting, especially if the organization of entertainment falls on your shoulders. Avoid long pondering over the show program. Book a group of dancers whose performance will bring any event to life and make it unforgettable!

How do I find the best dance troupes near me?

Choosing the right dance show is important for an amazing celebration to be successful and for the guests to receive only positive emotions. To ensure that the performance of artists is in harmony with the format of your celebration, focus on these factors:

  • The theme of the party. It is appropriate to order energetic modern dance troupes performing go-go or hip-hop for a private party or birthday party. For a more special event, such as a presentation or master class, quiet and graceful shows with a big group, such as waltz or ballet are more suitable.
  • The budget size. The cost of ordering dance groups for events depends on the duration of the show and the number of participants. The more performers, the higher the price. Similarly, with the duration of performances. You can order as a duo of dancers and a group of five or more people at your discretion. Then together with the manager of the dance company, discuss the duration of the show depending on the size of your budget.
  • Duration of performances. Many dance studios offer a full program of 10 minutes or more or a single act of dancers for 3-5 minutes. Consider this circumstance so that the dance program will fit perfectly into the event's timing and give pleasant emotions.
  • The interests and age of the guests. When choosing group dancers, it is essential to consider for whom they will perform. For example, ordering an interactive dance show for children's parties will be relevant. Your children can take part in the performance and take it as fun entertainment or a game. You can order national group dances for adult audiences, e.g., Irish, Jamaican, Ukrainian, Chinese, African, etc.

A dance group performance will make your celebration even more vivid and memorable. The stunning colorful costumes and fascinating and graceful dance moves will surely delight your guests.

Hips Don't Lie studio offers personal show planning services. Thanks to this, you can choose the style of dance to your liking, as well as diversify the performance of other elements and make it amazing. Our dance troupes for hire will give you a truly magical show!

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For which holidays can I book dance groups in Chicago?

We can help you create delightful entertainment for your guests at any celebration. For example, a dance troupe for a wedding will bring a touch of romance and sensuality to the most important day of your life. We can organize the show as a gift for the newlyweds or an entertaining performance for the guests.

Dance groups for parties will help set a positive mood and give your guests a stunning charge of energy. With our artists, your evening will not be boring because the beautiful and rhythmic movements of the production excite the imagination and leave a light train of mystery.

We have years of experience performing at:

  • private and corporate parties;
  • weddings;
  • children's parties;
  • anniversaries and birthdays;
  • bachelor and bachelorette parties;
  • master classes and official presentations.

Our dance troupes can diversify the entertainment program, bringing more lightness and fun into the atmosphere of the celebration. Looking at the positive dancers, your guests will relax and have a good time.

What shows do the Hips Don't Lie dance groups perform?

Hips Don't Lie dance company in Chicago will help you get rid of worries about how to entertain your audience. Our dance groups for hire will make any celebration unforgettable and dazzling, regardless of its theme. We perform in more than 15 different styles of dance. Especially popular are performances in such kinds:

Belly dancing
Indian dance (Bollywood)
Latin American dance
Ballroom dancing
Street dancing
Break dancing
Hip-Hop dancing
Can-Can and others

Our choreographers will help you develop a perfect act that combines different styles and dance elements. Also, female dance troupes of Hips Don't Lie will perform rhythmic can-can, driving hip-hop or sensual Latin American performance. The stunning bright costumes of our girls will only emphasize the festive atmosphere of your event or wedding.


Hips Don't Lie is the best dance groups for your celebration

Hiring a dance team with us is your confidence in the professional performance of the show. Each of our artists puts a piece of their soul into their show on a dance floor to ignite a spark of drive in the audience and give an unforgettable experience.

Dance troupes of Hips Don't Lie studio consist of professionals in love with their business, who have:

  • years of experience performing on stage;
  • a high level of qualification and training;
  • experience performing in various dance genres.

How do I book dance groups near me for an event in Chicago?

Create a stunning show or book it for your next event by contacting professional choreographers and dancers at Hips Don't Lie. Contact us by phone or leave a request online to celebrate with dazzling artists!

We can help:

  • choose a dance style, costumes, and necessary props;
  • stage choreography and select appropriate music;
  • include your special wishes in the show;
  • determine the duration of the performance of the diversity dance troupe and other groups.

By booking dancer or group in our studio, you'll get a mesmerizing professional show that will produce an unforgettable impression and can inspire everyone in attendance!

Dancing is my passion


What are groups of dancers called?

A group of dancers is called a troupe. This is a collective name for a team of dancers, which applies to the performance of any dance style.

What is the leader of a dance group called?

The leader of the dance team is the choreographer. A leader within the group, called the Dance Captain, is responsible for maintaining artistic choreographic standards during performances on the dance floor.

How many members are in a group dance?

Group dance is a staging in which three or more people participate at the same time.

What group dance means?

Group dances are one artistic choreographic piece performed simultaneously by several dancers.