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France is a country that has repeatedly become the "measure of all things" for mankind - its culture and art have always been diverse, unique, and attractive to people all over the world. This is why traditional dances from France and their history, which began in antiquity and, as it usually happens, grew out of the street life of ordinary people, are of particular interest.

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    Is Dancing Part of French Culture?

    Traditional French dances as an art form have had a strong influence on world culture. These are characteristic folk performances - with jumps and claps. And strict palace dance style - it was in the walls of French castles that French ballet dance and the fashion for French ballroom dancing were born. And performance in the walls of restaurants - the birthplace of French cancan dance was also in this country.

    France is a country with many regions. Almost each of them has its dance history. If you compare popular dances in France from different regions, sometimes it is even hard to believe that they all appeared within the same state.

    What is the Folk Dance of France?

    Speaking about the history of dance art of any country, the origins should be sought in folk dance. Townspeople and villagers of the French state performed branle (branle means "swaying"). At street festivals, people led round folkloric dances with swaying, complex bouncing, in which French cabaret dancers expressed their joy about the holiday.

    All things considered, France has a very rich and varied dance tradition, and almost every region of France has its own different French dance styles. Traditional French music and dances are very well preserved in several relatively isolated areas within the south of France.

    Dancing from France varies greatly, both geographically and among individual cultural groups. At first glance, there are few similarities between the hypnotic round dances of Brittany, the graceful pair dances of central France, and the wild fandango of the Basque Country. Nevertheless, all traditional dances in France are part of a larger group of European dances, all of which evolved from simple round dances due to frequent contact between different regions.

    What is a Famous French Dance?

    There are quite a few famous dances of France. But the most popular French national dance is undoubtedly the cancan. This energetic and zany dance first appeared in Paris in the 1830s with open chain community dance and was popularized in many cabarets and burlesque shows. The cancan is known for its high leg lifts, quick spins, and colorful French dancers costumes.

    The men and women dancers usually wear a French dance dress or skirt with many ruffles and stockings. This dance symbolizes freedom and fun, often accompanied by accordion and violin music. The Cancan has become a symbol of Parisian nightlife and remains part of the French heritage, attracting tourists from all over the world with the energy and passion of the female French culture dance.

    What is Traditional Music and Dance from France?

    In the choreography of this culture, various kinds of French dance performances and contemporary dance (conceptual performances) have always been relevant. The absence of set movements is a distinctive feature of French dance shows. This complete freedom of self-expression, coming from within a France dancer and born each time in a new way with a new performance, - a phenomenon extremely popular in modern Europe.

    The art of French music dance is nourished and enriched by everything that enters it thanks to cultural exchange between different nations, from movie and television screens. Choreographers and French cancan dancers are constantly striving to find something fresh and unusual in movement. That is why both traditional and modern French dancing is always a real celebration.


    Types of Dancing in France: Diverse Traditional Dances

    In this country there are many dances, let's consider the most popular French dances names:


    An ancient Apache dance France that appeared in the 13th century and was popular in the 15th-16th centuries. This style is part of the first two folkloric dances. Most often it is performed in a round dance and accompanied by French dance songs. The movements are fast and energetic, which is perfect for French theme parties.


    A contemporary style that emerged in 2007. It is not related to traditional French dances, but it has a lot in common with them. It is based on classical movements that are performed at a fast tempo of 140 beats per minute.

    Masquerade Ball

    This style of dance was popular at French balls in the 18th century. At the ball, guests wore masks and danced the waltz, minuet, and gavotte. This form of entertainment came to symbolize elegance and mystery. In France, however, it is often danced nowadays.


    This energetic and spirited dance appeared in Paris in the 19th century and it conveys a certain French lifestyle. It is characterized by the fast feet and rising skirts of the dancers. Can-Can became popular in the cabarets and studios of Montmartre during World War II.

    Baroque French Dance

    French baroque dance developed in the 17th and 18th centuries and included the waltz, gavotte, and burlesque. It was characterized by elaborate forms and poses, as well as the use of costumes and masks. This style was an important part of French royal culture.

    These diverse traditional dances captivated the world with their unique aesthetics and have become an integral part of French and world dance history.

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    Ideas about French Dance for Corporate and Private Events

    A great many people are close to French culture. And it's not for nothing. The mesmerizing music and energetic dances are loved by everyone. That's why every year French-themed parties are gaining more and more popularity in Chicago.

    You can hire French performers for them. And then it will be a real show that will convey the culture of France to all spectators. Many people dream of French dances at weddings. After all, it is so romantic and sensual!

    You can also hire French dancers for your anniversary or birthday party. Then it will be a wonderful party that will not let your guests get bored. Energetic dancing and cheerful music will be a great accompaniment and entertainment during your party.

    How Much Does a French Theme Party with Most Famous Dancers Cost?

    The final price of a party with French folk dance is influenced by such factors as the number of dancers invited, the location of the party, the duration of performances of dancers from France, and much more. Remember that it will give you unforgettable emotions. French folk dances live is an amazing show.

    We will gladly help you to make it a reality. Our dancers from France can perform at your Chicago special occasions nowadays and transform it. So if you have a birthday party, a wedding with your loved one, or a corporate party coming up, contact us to organize the best party with French dancing!