Ukrainian Dance Performance

Ukrainian dancing is a real art, a combination of folklore and music. Ukrainian music and dances are known not only in Ukraine but also around the world. Ukrainian folk art has absorbed the best traditions and customs and, of course, the results of the formation of the Ukrainian people as a nation.

Since ancient times, traditional dances from Ukraine have been conquering the hearts of foreigners with their passion, transition to climaxes, gentle flow of movements, and colorful costumes.

The famous dances of Ukraine are full of emotions, experiences, and centuries of experience of generations. The dances embody different ideas that people have come up with, they are a combination of color, strength of spirit, emotional intensity, and uniqueness of rhythm and Ukrainian dance songs.

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    What is Ukrainian Dance Culture?

    Dancing from Ukraine occupies a significant place among the cultural heritage of this nation. The wide popularity of dances in Ukraine and abroad is explained by the inexhaustible wealth of themes and plots, sincerity, cheerfulness, and humor.

    Ukrainian dance shows reveal the national character of the people and reflect phenomena taken directly from their everyday life and work, native nature, etc. The presence of vivid everyday features and peculiarities combined with virtuoso technique gives Ukrainian dance performance a unique flavor.

    Throughout the centuries-long history of the nation, the dance has been enriched and modified. It reflected the heroism of the struggle, the joy of work, games associated with different seasons, and lyrical motifs.

    What is Ukrainian Dancing Called?

    According to the regional principle, Ukrainian dances names are divided into Polissia, Podillia, Hutsul, Boyko, Lemko, Bukovyna, Sloboda, or, in general, dances of Western, Eastern, and Central Ukraine.

    There are also all-Ukrainian dances, as well as a Ukrainian Cossack dance. According to the functional principle, dance patterns are conventionally divided into ceremonial (ritual) and non-ceremonial (household):

    • round dances, household and story dances;
    • solo, couple, and mass dances;
    • dances of ethnic and non-ethnic origin;
    • folk dances (folklore, traditional, authentic, rural);
    • stage dances (folk-stage, academic, professional, urban).


    Types of Dancing in Ukraine

    Let's take a look at the main Ukrainian dance styles:

    Round Dances

    Round dances is one of the oldest types of ancient ritual dance from Ukraine. The performance of popular traditional Ukrainian dances was once associated with ceremonial actions, the traditional welcome of spring (spring cycle of dances), the celebration of summer (Kupala cycle of dances), the welcome of autumn (wedding dances), and winter (Christmas and Shrovetide dances). The most widespread were the "Vesnyanky" and "Hayivky".

    Today, round dances have lost their ritual significance with transcribing folk dances. However, this kind of Ukrainian music dance is firmly in the repertoire of professional performing groups. So now in Chicago, you have the opportunity to hire Ukrainian dancers for your birthday or anniversary. Then the whole ensemble of Ukrainian Dance will dance round dances at your party together with your guests.

    Story Dances

    In a round dance, the action is usually accompanied by poetic and pantomime movements that are precisely in line with the text, as it is connected to the song that the dancers themselves are performing.

    The story dance is qualitatively new, undoubtedly the highest level of development of choreographic art. Pantomime here is inferior to extended vocabulary, and the elements of acting have a deep subtext because sometimes the meaning of the dance must be revealed without text.
    In terms of their thematic distribution, plot dances resonate with round dances. However, they are enriched by the achievements of household dances (many of them use elements of Ukrainian Hopak, wild dances of the Ukrainian version, etc. to fully reveal the plot). Such dances were often part of Ukrainian dance festivals, where a lot of spectators gathered.

    Household Dances

    Household dances originated in the round dance. This genre of Ukrainian culture dance is the oldest and is the basis and feature of Ukrainian folk choreography. Therefore, now there is a traditional & modern form of this folk dance in Ukraine.

    Ukrainian national dance reflects the essential, significant character traits of the Ukrainian people: freedom-loving, heroism in a martial art, perseverance, ingenuity, wit, unbridled merriment, hospitality, friendliness, etc. These traditional dances in Ukraine are accompanied by melodies of a very diverse nature and ideological and emotional content, many of which are performed as independent instrumental pieces.

    Folk dances were an integral part of the daily life of the Ukrainian people. Popular dances in Ukraine were performed at mass parties, weddings, festivities, etc. That's why even now many representatives of different cultures dream of hiring Ukrainian performers for their celebrations. After all, any Ukrainian theme party is always fun, loud, and authentic with Ukrainian Kolomeyka and playing musical instruments. So improvised dance quickly gained popularity outside Ukraine.

    Ukrainian Cossack dance

    What Do Ukrainian Dancers Wear?

    Ukrainian dancers' costumes are an important component of the artistic embodiment of folklore on stage and a powerful way of aesthetic and spiritual education. It embodies the historical fate of the people, their culture, and traditions. National costumes preserve the peculiarities of different cultural epochs, so they are one of the most important historical sources for studying the cultural characteristics of the Ukrainian people by watching merry dance.

    Ukrainian Dancers Costumes for Folk Dance

    The most remarkable feature of traditional Ukrainian clothing for male and female dancers is the extraordinary colorfulness achieved through embroidery. Red Ukrainian dance dresses for women and shirts for men are often used, and shoes are the same color. Through the system of ornament and color, experiences and feelings are transformed into embroidery, and performers dressed in such a costume convey the mood and deep meaning of Ukrainian song and dance. Each Ukrainian dancer conveys his or her identity and uniqueness through the costume.

    Why Do Ukrainian Dancers Wear Red Shoes?

    Ukrainian dancers wear red shoes because red in Ukrainian culture symbolizes passion, energy, and strength. This helps them express their emotions and convey the spirit of Ukrainian music and dance heritage in their performance.

    Book Cossack Dancers for Corporate and Private Events

    Booking Ukrainian dancers and organizing a party in this style can add a special flavor and party atmosphere to your event. Here are a few reasons why it's worth considering:

    1. Uniqueness: Ukrainian dancing is one of the most recognizable elements of the national culture. Your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised by the unusual and interesting variety of dances and costumes.
    2. Emotion and energy: Ukrainian dancing radiates passion and emotion, making it the perfect way to warm up the atmosphere and lift the mood at a party.
    3. Identity: Due to different circumstances, many Ukrainians now live in countries other than their native land. If your friends or relatives from Ukraine are in Chicago right now, this is a great way to give them a gift and organize a Ukrainian dance party. Believe us, it will touch them to the core and let them enjoy their native culture.
    4. Interactivity: Ukrainian dancing can be an interactive experience as well as a performance. Guests can try their hand at dance moves and games.
    5. Cultural enrichment: Organizing a themed party with Ukrainian dances and vivid folk music allows you to introduce guests to the rich Ukrainian culture and history.

    Ukrainian Dances at Weddings

    Dancing at weddings in the Ukrainian style is an incredibly rousing and colorful event. Ukrainian folk dance fills the holiday with energy, passion, and joy. Couples and guests in national dress embody the beauty of Ukrainian culture, weaving traditional elements into each movement.

    The music of Ukrainian dances brings warmth and joy, and the participation of guests in round dances and dance competitions enhances the interaction and creates an inexpressible atmosphere of the holiday.

    So if you have a wedding or a birthday party coming up or you want to create a Ukrainian-style celebration for your loved ones - think about hiring professional dancers. There are many ideas about Ukrainian dance for parties with different prices available now. Contact us to find out the exact cost and organize a perfect and bright celebration with traditional dance for you.