Dance Choreographers at Hips Don’t Lie Studio

In any dance, choreography is the most important and essential component. It combines the arrangement and sequence of movements to create complete and expressive performances. A performance can tell a story or convey emotion through movement. Every dance studio has one or more choreographers who train not only experienced dancers but also amateurs. Thanks to these professionals, performances excite and entertain the audience.

Choreographer for amateur dancers

You have a wedding or other equally important event coming up, and you're still wondering how to surprise your guests? The dance is the detail that will leave a lasting impression on the celebration. That's why you should turn to the professional modern dance choreographers of Hips Don't Lie. We teach everyone, even young age, and make competitive dancers.

The choreographer will professionally stage a dance based on your preferences and abilities. Your performance will look effortless and polished at a wedding or gala event. The newlyweds' first dance at a wedding is the highlight of the entire celebration and one of the most memorable details not only for the couple but also for the guests. So why not approach the matter as professionally as possible by using the services of a dance choreographer?

As a rule, the process of working with a choreographer includes the following steps:

  • Finding the right professional. You need to research potential candidates of a dance company and interview them. This way, you will ensure that your visions of dance coincide, which will pay off in the end result.
  • Planning and preparation. Here you need to clearly define the goal, as well as choose the type of dance and musical accompaniment. The movements and music must complement each other.
  • Hone your skills. Your number should be perfectly polished with danceability and needs in mind at this stage.
  • Final rehearsals. It's important to understand how comfortable you are presenting your performance and ask the choreographer for recommendations on how best to present yourself to the audience.
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Search for dance studios with dance choreographer near me

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to find a suitable choreographer for wedding dance is to apply to a dance company specializing in choreography. As a rule, such a dance crew employs trained professionals with extensive experience with different types of dance.

When looking for the right choreographers in Chicago, it is best to do some sort of research. That way, you'll find a teacher who will work in your desired style. Ask your friends or relatives if they have hired choreographers for their celebrations, or use online reviews.

Another tip when searching for a professional is to visit social networks or the dance school or dance studio's website. This way, you can see examples of work and focus on what suits you best.

When choosing a choreographer, ask them the following questions to help you clarify who meets your expectations and who does not.

  • What experience do you have directing wedding dances or other events?
  • What styles of dance do you teach?
  • How do you work with the client to tailor the number to the preferences and style of the event?
  • How do you plan rehearsals, and how many are needed?
  • Do you have feedback or recommendations from previous clients?
  • How much does it cost to teach, do you offer an hourly rate or pay in packages?

It's great to ask the choreographer to show you their work in a video. Also, ensure they are willing to adjust to your schedule and deadlines.

Ultimately, it is important to find such a specialist, to work in a pair with whom you will feel comfortable and get along. Agree, the dance atmosphere is not unimportant in this matter, because on the most important day, you have to shine bright like a diamond!

Staging any kind of dance – from modern to ballroom in the studio Hips Don't Lie

Choreographers for hire in Chicago tend to know many dance styles and can bring their details to your performance because it’s their passion. At Hips Don't Lie, our dancers are experts in different styles of dance, as well as experienced choreographers. We have professionals in classical dance, hip-hop, contemporaries, national ballet, classical ballet, Latin American, ballroom dance, and more. What does this mean to you? Among our pros, you are sure to find the right teacher to learn the best choreography.



Is a choreographer a dancer?

Definitely yes. A choreographer must improve their dancing skills and follow the modern trends and innovative techniques in this industry. Nevertheless, such a dance instructor must also know the classical movements, which form the basics of any dance.

Is a choreographer a dance teacher?

Yes and no. By and large, the choreographer is concerned with planning the movements that create a dance number. This is the main difference from a dance instructor, who teaches dance techniques to students.

What is dance choreography?

Choreographing a dance is sometimes also called dance composition. It is an organic unity of rhythmic and non-rhythmic articulation, movement variations, and repetition. The performance can be reproduced in a formal setting, such as a dance competition or theater. It is also inherent in choreography to be performed in less formal settings such as weddings, corporate parties, and other celebrations.

What is a choreographed dance?

Choreographed dance is the art of creating and arranging movements to form a coherent program. It doesn't matter what kind of dance it is – ballet, African or contemporary. It is the process of developing and arranging a sequence of steps to create a visually pleasing and coherent performance.

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