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Indian Traditional Wedding with Dancing

A wedding is the biggest celebration in Indian life. It used to be celebrated for a week or more, but now it is more often a few days or even one day. However, weddings still bring together hundreds of relatives, and the parents of the marriages are ready to get into huge debts, just to hold the event in a big way. 

Dances in Indian weddings are an integral part of such an event. So today we will look at all the wedding traditions and rituals, as well as tell you why you should hire Indian wedding dancers for the most important bridal party in your life. Now every Indian, or follower of this culture can create an authentic and traditional wedding in Chicago.


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Explore the intricacies of 10 widely embraced dance genres. Dance stands out as a prevalent means of self-expression, offering a rich diversity of styles to delve into.
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What is the Traditional Indian Dance at Weddings?

Indian weddings are famous for colorful and rich wedding dance shows. The dance plays an important role in expressing joy and Indian wedding traditions. The combination of different dance forms gives dynamism to these ceremonies. On the wedding day, there is a spectacle of colors and rhythm that mesmerizes everyone present.

Bollywood dance

This style is an amalgamation of various Indian classical and folk dances with a modern twist. It is known for its energetic and expressive movements. Bollywood dance often incorporates popular songs from Hindi movies. It is the Indian songs wedding dance that makes it an interesting and spectacular performance.

Hindi Folk Dances 

Reflecting the cultural diversity of India, Hindi folk dances vary from region to region. Each sub-species demonstrates the characteristic movements and themes of an Indian wedding ceremony. These traditional dances capture the essence of regional traditions and are often performed in colorful traditional attire. This gives the Indian wedding an authentic touch.

Punjabi Bhangra

Originating from the Punjab region, Bhangra is a lively and energetic folk dance form. It involves vigorous movements, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of traditional Punjabi music, and is characterized by its vibrant costumes and infectious energy.

Chicago residents who want to bring the spirit of Indian culture to their events can easily hire Indian wedding performers. Our performers will bring the exuberance of traditional Indian dance to any event. This way, your Hindu wedding will be a lively, authentic, and memorable experience for everyone in attendance. Both the bride and groom and all wedding party members present will be able to experience the mesmerizing atmosphere of India.

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    What is the Dance Event at the Indian Wedding?

    The symbols of the Indian reception dance language are proclaimed by treatises. These are certain postures that are called karanas. By combining karanas, each member of the dance group builds combinations, like sentences, which are called angaharas. Everyone in the dance troupe uses all parts of the body, including the fingers. fingers, neck, eyes, and eyebrows. Therefore, it is very important to invite professionals for an Indian wedding party dance.

    What is a Wedding Sangeet?

    Emotional and elemental Indian wedding dances are not only spectacular entertainment but also an important part of Indian rituals. For example, one of the most important wedding rites for the Indian bride, Sangeet, is always accompanied by traditional dances. Their main idea is to describe and praise the bride, and her outer and inner world. Each movement symbolizes some quality of the bride or a detail of the wedding outfit, which is also important.

    Traditionally, dances at Sangeet are performed by family members or invited professional dancers. The bride herself only watches the guests entertaining her near the wedding altar. The bride is not only the embodiment of tenderness and femininity but also of modesty. 

    In the past, men were forbidden to participate in this ritual, but in modern times, the groom's families participate as well. 

    The Significance of Traditional Indian Wedding Rituals

    Wedding traditions and customs in India can be compared to strict laws that must be followed by everyone. Marriages in India are concluded for life, and even after death, according to Hindu beliefs, the souls of the spouses remain together. Numerous rituals performed by the newlyweds are intended to cement their union forever so that no forces can separate the young people.

    In addition, the wedding dance performance is also entertaining. If you love lavish celebrations, then creating an Indian wedding in Chicago is the best solution. Our dancers will reproduce Indian wedding choreographed dance, which will combine the traditions and culture of this country.

    What to Expect at an Indian Wedding as a Guest?

    A cultural extravaganza awaits Indian wedding guests. Such a party in Chicago will allow you to immerse yourself in the richness of age-old traditions and mesmerizing dance performances. Expect to be enchanted by the resplendent display of colorful attire and intricate henna designs, reflecting the deep-rooted customs of Indian culture. 

    Get ready to be enthralled by the rhythmic beats and graceful movements of traditional dance forms like Bollywood, Bhangra, and classical styles, adding an enchanting touch to the festivities. Witness heartfelt rituals symbolizing love and unity, all while being enveloped in the warmth and hospitality characteristic of Indian weddings.

    What Should a non-Indian Guest Wear to an Indian Wedding?

    Stock up on luxurious clothes for different days of the wedding. All guests at an Indian wedding look perfect, even if they are people of low income. To match them, it is worth having a festive outfit in your luggage: a stylish suit for men, 1-2 evening dresses, and a shawl for women. It will be quite good if, on the eve of the wedding, you will be able to buy national clothing: Indian brides and women - embroidered saris or bright salwar-kameez, grooms and men - jacket sherwani or kurta.

    Modern Dress Code

    Observance of the dress code is a tribute to tradition, a show of respect for the newlyweds. However, it is not obligatory at all. The bride and groom who organize an Indian wedding with dancers in Chicago quite often choose more modern options. Therefore, the venue can be decorated in the national colors of India, our professional dancers will be invited, but guests will be allowed to dress in the usual business style without fuss.

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      Indian Wedding Traditions

      Let's take a look at some interesting traditions for Indian wedding ceremonies:

      • Ritual with fire. A sacred fire is made, which must be circled seven times. Each round confirms the vows made to each other.
      • The colored dot. Instead of a wedding ring, newlyweds draw a red dot "bindi" on their foreheads. The same color dyes a part of the bride's hair - all this symbolizes the devotion of the couple to each other.
      • Bright wedding outfits. Following the principle of "the brighter the better", the bride's sari and the groom's suit are decorated with a lot of jewelry. The color of the bride in India is red. If you want to hold a real Indian ceremony, choose it instead of the traditional white.

      In the Indian style, you can also organize a classic wedding. Most often such ceremonies are held on the beach or hotel lawn. Therefore, if you want a lavish celebration with professional Indian dancers, you can organize a wedding with or without the fulfillment of all the traditions.


      An Indian wedding is always a fun, exuberant, and energetic event. Why not make a traditional wedding a reality, or create a unique and modern event in Indian style? Our professional dancers will help you do just that. By hiring the artists you can enjoy mesmerizing performances, traditional costumes, and the incredible professionalism of the dancers. Contact us today to create a unique immersion into Indian culture at your wedding.