Hips Don’t Lie – a Dance Company That Gives Unforgettable Emotions

Dancing is an amazing and mesmerizing craft that allows you to release your emotions and feel incredible freedom in every movement. Do you want to learn how to dance? Our dance company in Chicago opens its doors to everyone!

Feel the atmosphere of carelessness and fun in the classes at the dance studio Hips Don’t Lie

We will help you feel the fantastic atmosphere of rhythmic and mysterious dance steps in the classes. Our dance studio will help you to master several dance styles, improve the body’s plasticity and keep it in excellent physical shape.

We will teach you how to move gracefully in a slow waltz or rock on the dance floor at a party. Our studio offers classes in more than 15 dance styles, including:

  • Modern
  • Belly Dance
  • Ballroom
  • Burlesque
  • Jazz
  • Waltz
  • Bollywood
  • Latin American
  • Hip Hop
  • Cancan and others

Dance lessons can help you gain confidence and distract you from everyday life. Visit our dance classes, where you will have fun in group classes, learn different moves, and get a boost of energy for a long time.

Our dance instructors will also help you to stage an original and sensual wedding dance, a corporate group number, or a performance for a children's party.

How do I find dancers for hire near me?

Dance is a great way to diversify a party or bring a touch of celebration to a corporate event. It’s very easy to make a fantastic gift for your guests. All you have to do is hire dance groups.

Need professional dancers in Chicago? We can help you find the best of the best! At your service:

  • Dancers for parties will ignite in the hearts of your guests the desire to party till they drop and make any celebration drive and carefree.
  • Dancers for events will enrich corporate parties and birthday celebrations with fascinating rhythms of classical and folk dances.
  • Dancers for weddings will emphasize the romantic atmosphere of the holiday and will be a real surprise for the guests.

These are not all of our artists who will help you make your holiday unforgettable. We work on dozens of different events. We will offer the most suitable numbers and dance styles depending on your preferences and the party’s theme.

hire break dance performers

Why are artists from the dance company Hips Don’t Lie the best option for your celebration?

We practice an individual approach to each order, so you get:

  • creative show programs;
  • timely preparation;
  • full compliance with the theme of the event.

Also, our entertainment dancers perform using original cool props:

  • flaming swords;
  • chandeliers;
  • wings;
  • light show curtains and much more.

Our lively and electrifying performances won’t leave you and your guests indifferent!

The best dancers for hire in Chicago will make any event a sensation

Our studio comprises professional artists with years of experience performing at various events. We will hold a dance program to cheer up your guests and set the appropriate tone for your event. Give your guests an unforgettable celebration by booking professional dancers (Chicago)!

You can order a gig by approving a single dance or ordering a performance combining up to 5 different styles. By choosing several options, you get an even more dynamic show in which artists will change costumes and props to surprise everyone in attendance.

How to hire dancers at our company?

We are always ready to help you organize a spectacular and colorful show. Fiery movements, driving music, lots of sparkles, fire, and light – all this is waiting for you at the performances of artists Hips Don’t Lie. Our professional dancers for hire will be the “cherry on the cake” for your celebration.

Do you want to surprise your guests with an unusual mix of dance styles, bright shiny costumes, and dynamic rhythms performed by famous dancers? Professional choreographers of the Hips Don’t Lie company will develop for you a personal show program to your taste.

Call us for a thorough consultation or fill out an online application to book dancers for your celebration.


Professional dancers Chicago at your service!

Our dance company provides dancers for hire (Chicago) for your celebration. We carefully select professionals for our team to give you a spectacular show. The main selection criteria for us are:

  • performance experience from 5 years;
  • physical fitness;
  • charisma;
  • desire to give an audience good vibes.

Our dancers work directly with you, so you get a fantastic show without overpaying intermediaries!

Dancing is my passion