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Mysterious, enchanting, enticing, all these definitions describe one of the most beautiful and exquisite dances, belly dance. Every Arab country in the world has its own belly dance. What are the similarities and differences between belly dances of different countries of the world? In this article, you will learn all the features of this folk dance and how you can invite a belly dancer Indian for your corporate or private party in Chicago.

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    Does Belly Dance Originate in India?

    Belly dance is the result of cultural exchange between different parts of the world. Specifically, its origin is attributed to the Middle East, Persia and Egypt. And then it came to India. The development of belly dance Indian was influenced by local traditions and cultural characteristics. This is what gave this art form its unique aspects and style.

    So, belly dance is a kind of symbiosis of different dance traditions that reflects the cultural diversity of the world. And it is precisely because of this diversity that it is an important part of world culture and is appreciated far beyond India. So nowadays Indian belly dancers are very popular at various celebrations in Chicago.

    How Did Belly Dancing Come to India?

    Belly dance found its way to India through trade and cultural exchange with regions of Persia and the Middle East. These connections brought diversity to the expression of art, including dance.

    Cultural interaction and communication between different civilizations contributed to the transfer of traditions and art from one people to another. In India, this dance has gone through its own unique development. Thus, traditional Indian belly dance has adopted local peculiarities and combined the influence of Arabian dance, with a bit of Egyptian and other Middle Eastern cultures.

    What is the Difference between Arabian and Indian Belly Dance?

    Today belly dances of different countries of the world are divided into Indian and Arab belly dances. The main difference between Indian dance and Arabic dance is more dynamic music, more closed and colorful costumes, and the open face of the dancer. In Indian belly dance, which is based on the temple dance, the dancer captivates the audience with the lushness of shapes and softness of lines, the beauty and brightness of the costume, almost completely covering the body, in the photo of the costume you can see a complex multi-layered construction. In addition, in Indian dance, the face of the dancer is completely open, the girl wears special Indian jewelry, and puts a point on the bridge of the nose.

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      What is Indian Belly Dancing Called?

      In India, belly dance is known under different names. The most popular are Belly Dance, Raqs Baladi, Raqs Sharqi or Oriental Dance. All of them have almost the same meaning - a female dance form, with sensual movements and expressive emotional language. This dance has acquired its own style in India, but its roots belong to many other cultures.

      What is the Cultural Significance of Belly Dancing in India?

      Belly dancing in India has a deep cultural significance. It reflects femininity, emotion, and expressiveness. This oriental dance is considered part of the cultural heritage that reflects the traditions and skills passed down from generation to generation.

      Belly dancing is a very important part of festivals, performances and various religious rites. It recreates stories and expresses joy, sadness, and love through the beauty of movement. This dance also promotes communication between people of different cultures and nations. It brings people together and teaches tolerance and understanding of cultural differences. That's why there are so many films that feature performances by professional dancers. Here you can also watch an Indian belly dancers video and get a rough idea of what this style is and how it will look at your party.

      Belly dancing reflects the versatility and beauty of Indian culture. Through it, even in Chicago, you can feel the value of the heritage that is preserved and honored, playing an important role in shaping the cultural identity of the country.

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      What is an Indian Belly Dancers Outfit Like?

      For Indian national dance, it is not enough to have perfect technique. The image of the dancers is incomplete without appropriate makeup and bright oriental costumes. The outfit itself is designed to emphasize all the advantages of the figure and the characteristic movements of the dancers, as well as to hide possible flaws. The emphasis in Indian national dance costumes is on the bodice and belt, richly decorated with braid, beads, rhinestones, and pearls.

      Let's take a look at the main details of an Indian belly dancers costume:

      • traditional Indian clothing sari;
      • bright and extraordinary dresses called dupattas;
      • decorative jewelry, such as sequins, stones, and beads;
      • jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces;
      • comfortable and beautiful shoes or sandals.

      These costumes reflect the beauty and sophistication of Indian culture. They add elegance and sophistication to the performances of belly dancers from India. Such an outfit should emphasize the main idea and message of oriental dance - to attract attention, charm, beckon, seduce, conquer and fall in love.

      That is why our belly dancers from India pay so much attention to appearance. Indian belly dance costumes should enrich in every possible way the female image of Oriental beauty, giving the female dancer even more mystery and luxury.

      belly dance show 2

      How to Hire India Belly Dancers for a Private Party?

      Today you can easily hire charming belly dancers from India for any celebration in Chicago. This is a good solution for birthdays, anniversaries, and large-scale corporate parties in a restaurant. All you need is to decide on the date, theme and venue of the party. After that, contact us and our professional Hips Don’t Lie team will create unique choreographies and performances for your event.

      Our Indian belly dancers have a lot of experience and will definitely be able to impress you with unique, bright and authentic performances. Contact us today and enjoy Indian performing arts and various styles of belly dancing.