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Raqs Sharqi, aka belly dancing, is rightly one of the important cultural features of Arab countries. To one degree or another, it is widespread throughout the Middle East, including not at all Arab Turkey, America, and many other countries. Despite its frightening, by Islamic standards, frankness, it is quite thriving. And it has never been banned by Muslim jurists, who often issue fatwas against much more modest Western dances like hip-hop. In this article, you will learn all the features of belly Arabic dance as well as hiring Arabic dancers for a private party in Chicago.

Arabic Belly Dancers | Hire in Chicago, IL

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    What are the Origins of Belly Dancing in Arab Culture?

    Belly dancing is an important part of Arab culture with a rich history. Its origins go deep into the past. In many Arab cultures, belly dance is considered an expression of female grace, strength and beauty. In Middle Eastern culture, this type of dance was part of rituals and celebrations. Also, Arabian dance symbolizes female strength and fertility. Belly dancing was taught from one generation to the next, and over time it also took in parts of various cultures.

    Belly dance is now part of modern art that mixes old things with new ideas. Belly dance still amazes with its beauty and deep meaning in today's world. That's why our Arabian belly dancers female are a popular and relevant solution for celebrating any party.

    Today, as a social pastime in the Arab world, the dance has retained its intimate essence and many of the customs surrounding it, which already distinguishes it from many other dance forms. The skills to perform it are still inherited from mother to daughter. It is still performed by women, including Hips Don't Lie dancers, for their own pleasure.

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      Why is the Arab World known for Belly Dancing?

      Everyone has seen an Arabian belly dancers video at least once and is interested in this art. The Arab world is known for belly dancing because of its big cultural value and special meaning in that culture. Belly dancing has always been a big part of traditions and ceremonies in Arab countries.

      This type of dance reflects the aesthetics, grace, and symbolism of every Arabian dancing lady. This is what attracts the attention of people from other cultures, including Chicago. It includes movements that emphasize the female form and express emotions through fluidity and expression.

      It is also important to note that belly dance is constantly evolving, absorbing modern trends and styles, but remains an important part of the Arab heritage. It attracts the attention and captures the hearts of people all over the world. Therefore, even the performance of one belly dancer Arab is interesting to watch.

      Why is Belly Dancing allowed in Arab Countries?

      The modern Raqs Sharqi is the heir to those dance styles that are ubiquitous in the Arab world. In each of the countries of the region, there is a huge number of male and female dances with very similar, if not identical movements. Therefore, more or less, it can be called one of the Arab folk arts.

      Belly dancing in Arab countries is considered part of the cultural heritage. It reflects grace and feminine strength without contradicting traditions. Dancing is considered an expression of aesthetics and femininity. In the traditional context, belly dancing is performed by women Arabian belly dancers on holidays and in special events where it is considered acceptable within cultural norms. Although some countries may have their own peculiarities and restrictions, belly dance remains an important and permissible part of Arab culture with all its beauty and symbolism.

      Authentic Arabian dance is much more virtuous and is performed only in the family circle. Or it is performed by a woman for her husband, in which case she can afford any frivolity. Therefore, it does not violate Islamic mores and even the strictest imams have never found a reason to ban it.

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      What Do Arab Belly Dancers Wear?

      The ability to beautifully perform belly dance, shake hips and shoulders, show expressive plasticity of hands is valued not only among professional dancers, but also among ordinary women who want to master the technique of this charming dance. However, the movements in the dance are not everything. A huge role in belly dance is played by an Arabian belly dancers outfit and accessories.

      Chic costume outfits made of translucent fabric, decorated with hundreds of threads with beads, and hung with small tinkling coins will make every woman a goddess. That's why our Hips Don't Lie team works closely with designers and stylists who create unique, gorgeous costumes to perform at your parties and events.

      Arabian Belly Dancers Costume

      The standard costume for belly dancing is called a "bedla", and consists of a bodice, a belt and a wide skirt with a deep cut to the thigh. For conservative, classical-style dancing, a veil is used to cover the exposed areas of the body.

      In some cases, instead of skirts, trousers can be used. The costume is embroidered with pearls, coins, beaded threads, and rhinestones. This plays an important role - decorative elements work to attract attention, give belly dance a special flavor of the East, mesmerize and bewitch. Our dancers often perform the Arabic folk dance Raqs Sharqi with a shawl or scarf, and, as a rule, barefoot or in comfortable shoes.

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      Why Choose an Arabian Dancer for a Party?

      Arabian belly dancing, namely the charming dancers performing it, can perfectly complement any holiday. A birthday party, wedding, anniversary, or gathering with relatives at a restaurant is a great reason to hire the best dancers in Chicago. Belly dancing is a way to entertain guests and can make the celebration very colorful and memorable.

      We can select the best number of belly dancers, gorgeous costumes, and number and duration of performances individually for each party. It is this approach that allows us to fully satisfy your wishes. Contact Hips Don't Lie to organize a unique Arabian-style party right in Chicago!